Second round of rotating strikes begin Monday

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Second round of rotating strikes begin Monday

The BC Teachers Federation will launch a second round of rotating strikes across the province beginning tomorrow, as its labour dispute with the province drags on.

Schools will be closed in 11 districts, including Maple Ridge, Richmond, Delta and Langley.

The President of the teachers union, Jim Iker will be on the picket line at Cambie Secondary School in Richmond alongside the new president of the Canadian Labour Congress.

This as the government-imposed partial lockout continues, and teachers await a ruling from the Labour Relations Board Wednesday on the province’s right to dock teacher’s pay by 10-percent as a result of strike action.

It would save the government a million bucks a day.

That’s on top of the $12 million the Ministry of Education said the province saved last week on teachers’ wages due to rotating strikes.

The union is on a quest to get a 13.7% wage hike over four years while the government is offering them 7.3%   over six years.

The BCTF also wants improvements to class size, composition and minimum levels of specialist teachers.


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  1. Great to hear how much the Liberals are “saving”.

    When will they tell us how much they have spent and continue to spend on very lengthy and costly Supreme Court and LRB clarifications. So far, they have had to be told not once but twice by a Supreme Court Justice that you cannot, in a free and democratic society, strip legal contracts and bargain in bad faith. These “lessons” are not cheap.

    How much is it costing BC taxpayers to educate Liberal governments on what they can and can’t do with citizens’ Charter Rights and collective bargaining rights?
    The fumbling Liberals repeatedly make the same mistakes because they don’t have to pay for them. BC taxpayers do. Can’t someone at least tell us what the “bill” is to date?

    • Sorry! Its the Government doing since 2001 and you support a government that breaks the law and found unconstitutional and bargaining in Bad faith and you find the fault with the BCTF.Do you really believe that people or governments can break the laws and make a mockery of the Charter of rights and freedoms and diminish democracy that young men and women died to protect? You can have your dislikes of a union but for God sakes why do you people of the free enterprise party defend and support this kind of law breaking, if they get away with this with hand picked defenders in law, what laws and freedoms will be next for this Governemt to trample on?

    • Ron I don’t get the impression the government cares about kids; if they did – why the lockout? Both parties are blameworthy – time for both to put egos/ agenda aside, return to classrooms, and put this issue before an INDEPENDENT ARBITRATOR.

  2. If the BCTF focused on composition and minimum levels of specialist teachers along with the same increase the rest of the public sector unions aggreed to they would have a great deal more support. The problem is they are pressing for an increase of 15.9 (the 13.7% mentioned in the article doesn’t include a inflation factor that the BCTF wants added) as a requirement before anything anything else. Close to 4 times what the rest of the unions signed for.

  3. Hey all to teacher haters Funny I didn’t hear you complaining when Gordo the drunk gave 93% to translink or when gordo the drunk gave himself a 53% raise along with a 2 million dollar a year at age 80 indexed pensions and where were you when gordo the drunk gave backbenchers and bureaucrats 40%. And what about MLAs that all gotting a 28% raise along with an expense account and a cost of living yearly raise that is based on last year’s GDP or 4% of their wage depending on which one is greater

      • Yes, D, there is a difference . The small group thinks it can get away with the outrageous increases because they think no one will notice or it won’t add up to a sum large enough for anyone to care. It still doesn’t make it right. The large group gets the screws put to it because people like you say we can’t give raises to a large group.

      • The principle remains the same. A raise is either justified, or it is not. With that type of thinking, I understand why you justify $6,000,000 to Basi and Virk’s payment of criminal legal fees.

    • Obviously you just weren’t listening.
      Not everything done under the Liberal name has been without mistakes and criticism. But I’d sure go for someone who wants a better future than the tax and spend NDP for a dismal future. Remember when they had their chance? Of course you’ll remember that. They failed big time – including their death bed deal to the BCTF that we are still paying for now.

      • Tax and spend NDP wrong party Ron your liberal have the highest debt in BC history with cost overruns on nearly every project,cut with the spin and start tell truth.It is your Government that has just begun putting us in the red for generations to come where are the Jobs Ron just for TFW’s When will we see money from the LNG and pipedreams Ron! fees and Tax cuts for Corporations. The Tax cut & Spend Liberals for the next election, you will not have the 90′s to fall back on but we sure as hell will have 16 years of conflict and fights along with LNG, ALR, BC Hydro, (smart meter,IPP’s),BC Ferries, ICBC, as the list goes on and whatever come up from now until then! You will run out of a defence but can always become a Conserative or what every party you will have to devour to pounce on the pubic again!

  4. It’s beyond time to pull a Reagan and fire them all. Then hire back only the good ones who actually want to teach. It would be so much better gor teachers because they could get raises based on merit. Or be able to fire crappy ones. Kind of like the real world.

    • Yeah…that will build morale and get those “good” teachers to start volunteering all their free time again once they get hired back at a lower wage. Sounds more like a big hit to the BC economy and a huge burden on the welfare system! Thanks, Ronnie!

      • And by the way Ms. Anderson, I don’t think you have any clue just how “real” it gets working with children in a school. There are some pretty “real” experiences and conditions that these children live and breathe every day. The kind you can’t even imagine. That’s the “real” world of teaching. A world someone with opinions like yours can easily gloss over or ignore.

  5. Last 2 years public sector unions got between 3.5-4 percent….BCTF members zero. If everyone else got the same, how come government didn’t offer that to the teachers. Put that into your calculations on that all public sector unions have settled for..BCTF numbers are not that far off as Liberals make them out to be.

      • Dave has it right, D. You have it wrong. Teachers had to take zeros when other public sector unions received between 3.5 and 4% over two years in their previous round.. Teachers have not been offered that and therefore have NOT been offered what other public sector unions have.

          • Well you and the government are the one’s trying to compare apples to oranges (public sector unions and the BCTF) so you must present all the facts including the fact that public sector unions got wage increases of 3.5 to 4% two years ago and the BCTF got zero.

          • D, This has been your argument post after post after post! Teachers must settle for what other public unions have received! So now that I point out that the teachers deserve the 3.5 -4% that the other unions received while the teachers were given zeros the last two years you suddenly change your tune? No credibility on your part.

  6. Parents of all school aged children need to ask…why are my children not getting the help they need in school or why are my children being short changed because their teacher’s time is taken up by special needs student. I pay my taxes and should not have to pay additional money at tutoring services to get help for my children

      • Guess what Ron, it is the government who sets staffing levels for schools, not the BCTF. If teachers had their way, there would be plenty of support. That is why we have fought for (and won twice in court) the right to bargain class size and composition, but yet for some reason the government keeps appealing the decisions and spending your tax dollars. I advise you to check your facts.

    • Boy, Dave, did you really ask that question ? It’s because the cost of running Education (93% wages and benefits) has gotten to be more than the Province can afford. We pay Teachers too much when benefits and time off are calculated in. It’s just unsustainable, Dave. Hope that clears things up for you !

    • That’s because this Liberal government is trying to privatize everything including education! They only want the rich to have access to quality education so they can have a cheap labour force in the future along with no middle class.

  7. The union has a lot if support so far. What would help their cause further would to drop their wage demands so to be in line with the other public sector unions and keep the class size and composition as the key focal point. This would definitely put Clark on the defensive and the need to act in a mature manner if that’s possible. Where is the opposition in this matter. Oh I forgot we don’t have any!