Provincial Government review of Fraser Health Authority delayed

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The review of Fraser Health ordered by the Health Minister in November will be complete at the end of next month — not this month as Terry Lake said it would be when asked in late January.

Staff from the Ministry say the delay is because a new Board Chair was appointed to Fraser Health at the begining April.

The board must submit an operational and strategic to cover the next three years which the minister must then approve.


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  1. And snookums said the teachers fiasco WILL BE OVER BY THE WEEKEND. This clown said the review would be out at the end of this month.

    Seems yet again, “THE BRIGHTEST AND THE BEST ARE NOT”!!!!

  2. We need less health authorities and more Health Minister control, all these different boards are way too costly with an abundance of high paid executives who really don’t do all that much.

    • There is no value in firing the Health Authority executives and incurring expensive severance payouts. Besides those fired will resurface at amother authority or another ministry. anyways.

  3. How DO you get them appointments to them Health Boards? And our of the Forty One pesons on Health Boards getting paid over HALF MILLION DOLLARS how many are on the Fraser Health Board? What are their quailfications to be able to fulfill their job requirements?

    Does the Health Minister know how much of our Health Care dollars are spend on PATIENT CARE and how much of adminstration?