Repeat violent offender from BC says not coming home if granted parole

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Repeat violent offender from BC says not coming home if granted parole

A young criminal wrapping up his latest prison term in Saskatchewan won’t be coming back to BC anytime soon.

Ryan Crossley, who fatally stabbed 20-year old Jesse Penner eight years ago in Port Coquitlam,  is allowed to apply for parole next month.

Penner’s father, Gord, says he’s been told the now-24 year old’s parole hearing will happen in Prince Albert because he’s indicated he has no plans to come back here.

“He’s not coming back to BC upon his release, so therefore there won’t be a peace bond hearing here in British Columbia.”

Penner says he believes Crossley is a high risk to re-offend and he still doesn’t understand why the repeat young offender was granted bail before attacking Jesse outside a house party in 2006.

“This wears on me every day, every single day. I pay for this system, just like everybody else does. Our son’s murder was totally preventable. When you look at the history and the trail that this kid left and the people in authority that knew? Shame on them. For any politician to stand up there and say they’re doing what’s right for the victims of crime, I call liar.”



  1. Its not the politicians – its the SC0C that has hijacked our democracy
    Harper’s tough on crime bill is what we need – but the SC0C is blocking it at every step…. These Liberal appointed juudges are still far more interested in the rights of criminals than the rights of the innocent victems and their families