Provincial PAC says patience of parents wearing thin in teachers labour dispute

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Provincial PAC says patience of parents wearing thin in teachers labour dispute

The president of a B-C parents’ organization says parents may need to take action if the teachers and government don’t reach a deal soon.

Speaking at a meeting of the B-C Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils, president Terry Berting says he appreciates the work at the bargaining table.

But he says it’s getting embarassing and parents are considering what action they can take.

He says, “As an organization, BCCPAC has been fairly quiet and patient, but it’s wearing thin.”

Berting calls for more funding.

Education Minister Peter Fassbender responded with a familiar line, “I think the challenge on funding is we need a balanced budget.”

Berting’s group is meeting this weekend to discuss options.


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  1. Any details as to what the parents will be doing? Have they been lobbying the government to gain funding with the same enthusiasm as Enbridge’s or Vancouver Ports/Truckers? Have the parents’ group tried to state the case that, like LNG, spending money on education is not simply and expenditure but an investment in our future?

  2. Me, as a taxpayer, have been fairly quiet and patient, but it’s wearing thin. Everybody living of the taxpayers pockets think, there is an unlimited amount of money available.
    The private sector employees have to stay competitive;… not the public sector employees?. The rules of supply and demand should apply in all sector, private or public.
    Also, I think most annoyed parents hate the inconvenience of not having babysitting services during the strike.

    • Well said.
      It seems there is no movement in the status quo- everything is untouchable.
      No to closing city schools that are half full
      No to cutting programs;
      No to corporate sponsorship;
      No failing… everyone moves to the next grade- ready or not.

      I would like school funding to come out of General revenue and not property taxes And the carbon neutral bs needs to be eliminated from the school system-that would shave a million or two of waste province-wide

      • You will sell the farm to Corporations! Oil & Gas with all the money and bribing going on you do not understand the why of it all! they start their Brian washing about how great Oil& Gas is for our healthy economy.You that complain about paying school taxes, why are you not complaining about the money the Liberals have ran up in the last three years? Why not complain about the ALR give away?Why do you Liberal insiders think you and you alone pay for everything.I agree that everything must come out of General revenue not property taxes,but ask your Liberal buddies why not and transit also should be under BC transit authority also and user fees should end.The Liberals will be in for Recall soon! What will the people build on their ALR that BB say they can make some money and still farm? Its government interference why farmers can’t make any money now get rid of the protection boards and let us buy from the farmers, they can make money and we will not have to pay for that middle men! Recall around the corner.

  3. So, what are the parents going to do? Once their children are in the public school system, parents lose any say in how, what and when their children are taught.

    The only thing parents can do is to remove their children from the public school system. That is the only way that parents can actually have a say in how their children are taught and ensure their children don’t miss school because of a labour dispute.

    I have heard teacher’s unions in other provinces actually declare that they co-parent the children. It wouldn’t surprise me if the BCTF feels the same way.

  4. The government has offered a reasonable contract specification that provides for wage increases, along with funding to address the class composition and learning resources. Further the government has increased the overall core education budget and in addition has allocated capital funds in support of schools, relative to the ability of taxpayer to support.

    The arrogance of the BCTF demands are outrageous in face of continuing economic status of not only Canada but most provinces. But the BCTF just does not care and want to make life for parents, students, and taxpayers as difficult as they can.

    Not with standing the Constitution, Labour Unions have no place in the world of educating our kids. Teachers are servants of the people, they must remember that!

    • The increased core spending that you mention has not kept up with the rise in costs to school boards. For example, CUPE negotiated a nominal increase in salary earlier this school year but the Ministry did not cover the increase expense, even though they made the deal with CUPE. MSP premiums have gone up as well as Hydro rates in the last two years, again with no allowance from the Ministry. Lastly, the annual inflation rate of 2.5% over the last dozen years has also not seen a parallel infusion of funding. Thus the core funding increase has not been sufficient. There has, however, been plenty of money for the Liberal gov’t to spend on the roof at BC Place ($565 million), a settlement with California for Powerex ($750 million), wage increases for MLAs over the last 6 years (38%). Why do you single out students? Are they just an expenditure or is education spending an investment?

    • They broke a contract…Do you not understand what that means…Lets say I sign a contract which promises you $100000 for a year of work, and then half way through the year I say I can’t afford it…You can keep your job but I’m only giving you $60000…What do you do..??? This is what they’ve done…How can you defend this…??? Regardless if they promised too much, which thye now can’t afford, they signed a contract, and then decide not to honor it, and to top it off they appeal the decision TWICE, saying they did nothing wrong…I can understand you hating teachers, but this is fact…

  5. We need a voucher system for our children’s education, once the curriculum and the funding per student is determined parents should have the right to channel those funds to any accredited school be it public or independent. We chose the independent for our girls and it was the best sacrifice that we could have made as parents. Not long after they graduated and were well on their way at SFU both of them thanked us for their education. Bet not many parents can say that.

    • I totally agree with you. I think there would be more private schools.
      That would be the best thing to come out of all this. Why shouldn’t your education dollars follow your children.

    • Congrats Ken…It must be nice to make over $100000 a year… Why don’t you tell that single mother working 60 hours a week your lovely tale…

      If you want to voucher the system than same for Med Care, same for CPP, same for UI, same for welfare…Get your heads out of your backsides, and understand that you can’t pick and chose what you want to pay into in a Socialist system.. No wonder our province is in trouble when you have this philosophy…

      • “you can’t pick and chose what you want to pay into in a Socialist system.”

        Socialism has FAILED all over the world Dave . . . but I know, you still Believe. Laughable Dave . . .

        A voucher system would guarantee each student the education of their Choice . . . is Choice not important for lefties?
        They could attend the private, charter or public school they WANT TO . . . all at the same cost to the taxpayer . . . .
        In the Real World Dave . . . competition raises all boats . . . competition in the education industry would do the same.