High school students confused and frustrated by labour dispute

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High school students confused and frustrated by labour dispute

As teachers and the government continue to duke it out at the bargaining table students are caught in the strike/lockout crossfire.

The students heading into Eric Hamber Secondary this morning spoke of overall condusion and frustration.

Grade 12 student Bernice says the stress level for those graduating is especially high.

She says, “In English class – we’re missing English class so we have to have to prepare for English 12 Provincial I don’t know how that’s going to happen but it’s kind of devastting how it has to happen at this time.”

Douglas, who’s in grade 11, says year-end performances, like a band concert scheduled for next week, are up in the air becuase they’re supposed to take place in the school.

He says, “No one really knows what’s going on like I mean the teachers – only half of them actually know what’s going on and like I mean I find it very frustrating to come to school and you know what to do extracurricilars and them say no you can’t and not know why.”

Douglas says some teachers say they CAN’T do the extra activities while others say they WON’T to protest the government’s actions.

Grade 9 student Anson says at his age missing a test, as they have because of the strike, will not have any long term effect like it might have for the grade 12 students.

But he says the lack of supervision is making a difference, “It’s not really under control – everyone is throwing bottles and running in the hallways and it’s not like when the teachers are here cause students know that teachers are outside on Oak street protesting so then they can just do what ever they want.”

The school’s graduation is next Tuesday but they don’t know if teachers they’ve had for the past five years will be there as they cross the stage.


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  1. And our kids should be frustrated. I’m a parent and am paying daily for this nonsense. Here’s some perspective: In rough terms, the raise teachers are asking for is equal to three-tens of 1% of the province’s annual output. Put another way that’s equal to roughly 10 days worth of production from the proposed Kinder Morgan expansion. Instead we get this endless legal hissy-fit in education, which is a major inconvenience for working parents. Build pipelines now and let my daughter enjoy her grad with friends, family and teachers.

  2. My daughter is finishing grade 12. She told me last night, that many teachers are already so far behind, getting the curriculum finished by the end of the school year, they think they are first. My daughter was lucky, taking cooking, art and spares, as she has finished Math, History, Spanish, English, calculus, etc. But now my wife, a member of PAC and the Grad Organizing Committee, is busy preparing to rent the local ice rink for the actual diploma event. This entire mess is fruitless. One side is as bad as the better, but I admit, I lean maybe 10% towards the teachers.
    If I had to do it again, it would be either, do home schooling, or a private school.

  3. It appears the BCTF could care less! This nonsense must stop! The BCTF has used deplorable delaying tactics to ensure that our kids and parents along with taxpayers are injured.

    Any Labour Union that can not accept reality, can not accept the taxpayers ability to pay and refuses to negotiate in a way that is timely needs to be removed. The BCTF is clearly a rogue labour union.