BC retailers weighing options after new recycling rules imposed

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BC retailers weighing options after new recycling rules imposed

A major BC retailer is considering other options in the wake of a new recycling program that took effect earlier this month.

London Drugs’ chief operating officer says he has been approached by a company called StewardChoice.

It’s offering businesses an alternative to paying the stiff fees to recycle their waste with Multi-material BC.

That program, launched earlier this month, requires firms that distribute packaging waste to pay the costs of recycling it.

C-O-O Clint Mahlman says he’s open to options

“Costs obviously are a big part of any recycling program and we want to make sure that any program we participate in is run in a very cost effective way that minimizes any potential impact to customers.”

Small businesses have been complaining about MMBC’s high costs.

StewardChoice is expected to release more details, including  fees, in June.


  1. The ENTIRE way we do recycling here is idiotic! Only 3rd world Canada can we not have a decent recycling program. I was in Japan & Korea and they had AWESOME recycling programs for everyone including curbside pickup & large businesses. North Americans are just too incompetent to do anything right. Especially after other countries have already established excellent programs. Canada rather than imitate, thinks they are smarter, which leads to this whole recycling mess BC is in.

    • Agree with you completely because I have seen it myself in Japan.

      Here MMBC seems to have been set up to allow it to make a ton of money at our expense (both businesses and consumers).

      Why are we a charged eco fees and recycling fees on certain goods, when we are responsible to take them to recylcing depots? We should be getting paid for putting our recyclables out on the curb if MMBC has a monoply on the business and stands to make a ton of money.

      There will be unintended consequences as consumers are going to put recyclables in the garbage can instead. And mattresses are not picked up so they end up in back alleys as well.

      This is an example of another social engineering experiment which should be trashed (no pun intended).

      Can’t blame London Drugs and others for looking at alternatives to an ill-thought out scheme.

      • Absolutely agree! The entire recycling process is a sham. Heck, it seems we do not have our own plants to do the recycling process. The MMBC solution is no solution other than to cost more money certainly to small business and absolutely to consumers.

  2. More power to those companies putting out feelers for a better deal. Our environment minister seemed to think that corporations would buy in. Did she really know the true cost? It was said that the cost wouldn’t be passed on to the consumer. Is that some type of sick joke? Businesses work on cost plus. They’re not charities. How would fruit growers change their packaging? How would milk marketers change their packaging? How would canned goods marketers change the packaging? How would ……………………………………………..

  3. More meddling and braniwashing attemts and making things more expensive. Them politicians can’t solve some real problems so they create more problems as a diversion.

    BC got millions of acres unused land where garbage could be burried. Old mines where all the unusable stuff can be put instead of this pieacemeal recycling depots while garbage pick-up got cut by half. Enough is enough.

  4. This is just a way to transfer money out of the consumer into some (government sanctioned) company that now is allowed to do whatever it want under the guise of recycling. You can rest assured that these costs will be passed on to consumers. It is another carbon tax fiasco.

    • The Carbon Tax is still with us, supposedly to stop Global Warming but HOW?

      It would be interesting to know how many of those companies getting contracts to recycle stuff separating used erasers to specialised items like sardine cans separately from Campbell Soup cans are owned by staunch donors to current provincial govermin and various city mayors and clowncils. just coincidentally, of course since Canada has no corruption if you political masters can be believed