Vancouver artist unveils “Gumhead” sculpture

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Vancouver artist unveils "Gumhead" sculpture

Renowned Vancouver artist Doug Coupland unveiled the gum statue, called “gum head”, on the grounds of the Vancouver Art Gallery Friday.

“It kind of amazes me the things people to do things in public and it kind of got me interested in the whole notion of defacement altogether. We have these new technologies that allow us to make these great big, scary heads and I thought, well what if we had the perfect storm and put these factors together,” said Coupland to a crowd of about 100 that came out to the unveiling.

The seven-foot-tall sculpture is the second of its kind the city has seen as another similar gum-covered head toured the city in 2012.


  1. Well, at least like the goofy airplane that was paid for by tax payers for the silly two ring circus (the owe limpics) that had the wings and propeller and everything else in the wrong place I guess you can’t really go wrong with a gum drop. Just hope us little people, the tax payers didn’t have to foot the bill for this silly nonsense too!!!!!!!!!!!