It’s nesting time and crows are out in full force in Vancouver

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It's nesting time and crows are out in full force in Vancouver

If you are walking around Vancouver’s tree lined streets you might get an unpleasant surprise from an overprotective mother crow.

It’s nesting time for crows in Vancouver and they are out in full force.

Pest control expert and biologist Robert Stobbe says the season should only last a few weeks.

“They are nesting and their young are beginning to fledge. The parents will do whatever they can to protect them.  Any threat or perceived threat they are going to dive bomb.”

Most of the time the crows are noisy but harmless.

If one does happen to make contact and break skin, Stobbe suggests to get checked out by a doctor.


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  1. I guess we need to define “problem.” They are very smart birds but they ban be a nuisance. They start up loudly cawing at 4:30 AM and chase other birds away from feeders. A neighbor used a plastic decoy of a crow, hung it upside down in a tree and it caused them to become very noisy and agitated for a day. After that they stayed far enough away for us all to have some peace and quiet. One attacked our cat for no apparent reason. If I can find a decoy, I will copy my neighbor’s example this year.