WorksafeBC says teachers ARE covered for extracurriculars during strike/lockout

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WorksafeBC says teachers ARE covered for extracurriculars during strike/lockout

A number of locals of  the B-C Teachers Federation have been telling their members not to participate in any extra-curricular activities during the government’s partial lockout, saying they are concerned about Worksafe B-C coverage.

The Education Minister and the B-C Public School Employers Association have said all week teachers carrying out extracurriculars like field trips and coaching will still be covered.

Now, a senior executive of WorksafeBC has written a letter to the Employers Association, saying the same thing.

In a letter dated yesterday, Worksafe Senior Vice-President Roberta Ellis writes, “Where extracurricular activity being performed by a worker is sanctioned by the employer, the worker is covered by WorksafeBC – that remains the case in the current situation of partial strike/partial lockout.”


  1. Many parents and teachers aren’t getting paid today. Many students are out of class. But the top earners in education (and there are legions of them) they’re getting paid today. Where exactly is the priority in education? It can’t be about the parents.

  2. BCPSEA wants to suck and blow at the same time. Liberals value a teachers voluntary work more than paid work. If voluntary work has this extreme value, maybe we should consider compensating teachers for it by making it part of their employment, rather than pointing out their time off. How much work does Fastbender give the public? Better yet, what’s the value of his paid employment?

    P.S. This advice from WCB is inconsistent with its past rulings, where teachers have been denied WCB claims for injuries during sporting events outside the scope of their employment.

  3. I think the main point is Iker is either deliberately mislead the public or didn’t actually understand what he was talking about and instead actually looking into he decides to make something up.

    Doesn’t give the public a lot of confidence in what he’s saying.

    • You’re actually suggesting that Worksafe has been able to rewrite their rules, change all historical documents related to this issue, just to send a ‘gotcha’ to the BCTF?

      Or Iker didn’t bother to read the related documents or even ask about this issue before making a public annoucement to gain some public support?

      Which is more likely?

  4. Should anyone be surprised. Despite assurances from Minister Fastbender, Iker who always’ “put the kids first” claimed the only reason teachers could not participate in extra curricular activities was because they did not have Worksafe coverage. After that feeble argument was exposed by Worksafe as nothing more than a BCTF PR ploy you’d think Iker would admit he was wrong and allow teachers to continue their volunteer activities but now it is clear he’s not only holding our kids hostage but also his own membership. Rank and file teachers should be outraged that their dedication to the kids has now been hijacked by Iker and their union to be used as a bargaining tool