NDP quick to attack new BC Hydro boss

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NDP leader John Horgan is wasting no time in launching an attack on the incoming C.E.O. of BC Hydro.

Horgan says Jessica McDonald helped craft disastrous hydro policies when she was a deputy minister to Premier Gordon Campbell.

“Brought in all of the policies that have put BC Hydro on the road to ruin is now running the place!  I don’t think Ms. McDonald has any any experience in the Hydro sector whatsoever, I think it’s a dark day for BC Hydro and we’re gonna be in a deeper hole as a result of it.”

McDonald will replace retiring Hydro CEO  Charles Reid.


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  1. BC Hydro is just another arm of the Christy Clarke government. No surprises here John. The web of deception began a long time ago. What frosts me is when government or friends of same throw us the line, “Our Hydro rates are amongst the lowest in the world.” What they never say is that this province was blessed when it came to low priced hydro. That was the reality. It was a well run utility that was fiscally responsible. Super Natural British Columbia was a natural for well priced electricity.

    Enter Premier Campbell. Enter Premier Campbell’s cronies. Enter run of river contracts paying ten times the price for crony contracts. Enter crony contracts that stipulate their price protection takes president over the price protection of the BC taxpayer. Enter Corix, now famous for the “Smart Meter” roll out. More cronyism. We paid more than double what most other jurisdictions in North America paid for the same smart meters. On and on it goes.

    Of course I left out the part where for the last number of years the Liberals have taken hundreds of millions of dollars from BC Hydro, ICBC and BC Ferries annually and deposited those funds into their own general revenues. Needless to say, Christy has been able to brag to us, “No tax increases.” Hydro, ICBC and BC Ferries on the other hand have had to hit us up for increases because of their own company shortfalls. Nice system…when you can get away with it.

    So John Horgan, we get it. But what the hell can we do about it? A dictatorship is only accountable to itself.

  2. BC Hydro was a CA$$$$$H Cow for various govermins beside ICBC, taxes on booze and cigs for many years. Don’t forget some ‘friends’ appointed to BC Hydro board already cashed in with them SmartMeters and installation, others getting licences for selling very EXPENSIVE and useless electricity from Run of the River windmills that work ONLY when there’s a WIND blowing NOT when electridity is in demand. Or solar energy that is not very productive perhaps NINE months of the year in BC. Now we got an OTHER political appointy, what next? Bring former Ontario Premier McGuinty for advisor?

  3. BC should have the lowest electricity rates in the world, given our natural wealth of falling water.
    World electricity rates indicate average $US/KWh to be $0.08 for both India and China – and China is importing coal from Montana to make that cheap power. Canada and Mexico at $0.10/KWh are low. Our recent increase of 9% to the tiers used brings us closer to the Canadian average.