LRB ruling on legality of BCPSEA wage rollbacks expected Wednesday

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LRB ruling on legality of BCPSEA wage rollbacks expected Wednesday

We’ll have to wait until next week to find out if the move to roll back the wages of BC public school teachers ten per cent will be deemed illegal.

A ruling from the Labour Relations Board is expected Wednesday afternoon.

Today (Thursday), lawyers for the BC Teachers Federation and Public School Employers Association made their arguments.

The union’s Carmela Allevato is suggesting the government is again trying to provoke a full-scale strike.

“Last time, the court said there is a different political agenda going on here and this time, you take a look at it. They’re coming back with trying to take pay cuts from teachers. What is the agenda here?

Lawyers for the employers say teachers can’t expect to be paid for work they’re not doing during ongoing job action.


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  1. What!? Work that we are not doing…what work is that? My job today is the same as it has been all year, or for the last 28 years for that matter. So all of a sudden I am working 10% less. Yah right!! And to read that from a group of lawyers is rich. How much are they getting paid?

    • I’m not a teacher but it seems the government has placing a specific value on the work performed by teachers outside of the classroom. At the same time, teachers are being locked out?

      If it is true that current remuneration is specifically targeted to only instructional work and not volunteer work, then it ought to be revisited in negotiations and a 10 percent value for such work be incorporated in the collective agreement.

      Then, it would make some sense to deduct 10 percent of the salary when such work is not performed or prohibited by lock out. Otherwise, it is very confusing.

  2. Strikes and lockouts are economic warfare, and of course, to prove your devotion to your side of the dispute. On strike, no pay. Locked out no pay, but to arbitrarily reduce wages by 5% or 10% is bizzare. Why not amplify the situation and go to 90% or 100%.
    This government thinks they can toss their weight around, because they are the government. It doesn’t work that way. Hey CC, privatize every school district, and the entire flock of BC students could go to private school, like your little Bonzo, but remove the school tax portion of property owner’s taxes. Think about it Snooky.

  3. funny how they can decide it’s not in their interest to sit in legislation and still draw the same salary because they are still at work while they are in their constituency, but teachers apparently can’t do the same for the marking and prep work they take home every day. I would say there is no difference between the two. Talk about a double standard.

  4. But it does work that way Eb. You know why? Because the majority of BC voters knew exactly who and what they were voting for. I hate to bear bad news, but the public bank account does not belong to the BCTF.

    • let me guess ron…You have the $$$ to put your kids in private school…You understand that not all people in BC have money, or do you actually read….. I have no problem privitizing this, as long as we priviitize everything else…Take BC Health Care…I’m healthy and in my 30′s…I don’t use it that much…I’ll pay as I go…The old farts who need it everyday, should pick up the cost of every visit, every surgery and every Med… Same with CPP, I would rather take care of my own retirement money…Why should I pay for those who didn’nt have good jobs and benefits during their working years..??? Finally, welfare, and UI, I don’t use them, but my costs keep going up. Ron you’re a genius…We should create a system where nobody helps each other out, or funds social programs…We all fend for our selfs…I love it….

      • “I’m healthy and in my 30′s”
        You will be amazed Dave at how much smarter you are going to get in the next decade of so . . .

        For a decade I sacrificed and put my son in a private school. Best money I ever spent. For 10 years I had no new cars, no trips to the sun . . . but the results were astounding. By the time my son finished his last 3 years in Hi-school . . . his BS detector was working full time.
        Best analogy was when EVERY Teacher pulled out Al’s silly movie back in the day . . . my son had TWO CDs that refuted the Gore nonsense . . . he would pull them out and suggest the class watch both presentations and have a discussion after. Never did the teacher agree to this . . . no critical thinking allowed . . . and the indoctrination CD was put away. Do you think it was a little ODD . . . that even the Math teacher did this?

    • Ronnie. Boy are you ever smart. You are right, the public bank account does not belong to the BCTF. But to pay for the brightest and the best it sure seems like it belonged to THE GRAND POO BAH to ENGLAND, also know by a better name, something to do with Hawaii, and snookums and the minister of his own natural gas. At least for the nothing he is doing, the minister of his own natural gas could do something more than twiddle his thumbs in question period. On the few days that they are actually there.

  5. If our MLA’s are so dedicated, why don’t they volunteer for zero? ))))))) It’s all about their personal wealth for as little as they can possibly do. Cause a stink. Form a committee, then an adhoc committee, then an inquiry, then a judicial inquiry, etc. Meanwhile all the piggys get fed. “Everywhere there’s little piggys, leading piggy’s(us) lives.”

  6. These are adversarial times. The BC Liberals surprise election win has given them a new found arrogance with just a smidgen of bullying. I find they play their parts quite well.