LRB hearing begins in teachers contract dispute

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LRB hearing begins in teachers contract dispute

The teachers’ union and the employer are squaring off at the Labour Relations Board of issues including teachers being docked pay.

At issue, among other things, is whether the BC Public School Employer Association is allowed to dock teachers pay by 10% for their early stages of job action.

That includes not supervising kids and not meeting or communicating with administrators.

BCPSEA argues teachers should get reduced pay for reduced work,

Its lawyer says the union disagrees, claiming if teachers show up for work, they should get full pay even if they don’t complete all their duties because of an essential services order.

The union is still to make its case.

The hearing continues.


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  1. ‘Substantial interference’ in collective bargaining is what the Supreme Court is looking for. I’d say this whole tortured bargaining process is fraught with ‘substantial interference.’ A full on work stoppage would’ve been quicker and more clarifying. The whole system is designed to frustrate reaching a settlement, enrich the negotiators, advisers and lickspittles and is an enormous burden on parents in this province, public resources and taxpayer patience. Only in B.C. Laughing stock.

  2. If the BCTF can pressure children and parents why shouldn’t the government be able to pressure the union. The BCTF stated they have been withdrawing services, why shouldn’t their pay be reduced. When they strike to whole day, they don’t expect to get paid, if they strike part of the day, certainly a percentage is reasonable.