Legislation making it easier for BC farmers to develop land sparks angry outburst

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

The spring session of the legislature ended with a bang this evening (Thursday).

Opposition MLA’s were furious over the last bill to be passed.

It’s a major revision of the Agricultural Land Commission that will allow what the ruling Liberals call “social and economic” concerns to be considered for the use of farmland in the Kootenays and the North.

NDP MLA Nicholas Simons was forced to leave the chamber because of his heckling.

“This is gonna make you look like idiots!” (Simons)
“Thank you very much Mr Speaker.” (Letnick)
“Member…members, I’d ask the member to withdraw, please come to order.” (Horne)
“I think you’re all a bunch of liars, you are a bunch of liars, you’re a bunch of corrupt liars, you all know it too.” (Simons)
“Member, you need to withdraw.” (Horne)
“I will not withdraw my remarks.” (Simons)

The New Democrats say the bill will allow development of crucial food growing areas, but the Liberals say it lets owners make a bit of extra money and keep farming.


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  1. Goes to show how pathetic politicos really are.
    On the other hand- few people really want to farm the land yet it is highly idiotic to remove actual productive lands from the farming land base.
    So in fairness to those that pay taxes on the land and can’t sell it for anything but farming- either the government should buy it and lease it to people to farm or some consortium/non-profit should do the same.
    And if Canadians don’t want to farm this land- bring in some immigrants who will appreciate it’s value. We have more than enough people moving from other countries to the cities.

  2. Now the sell off deepen’s and you that supported this are just a corrupt as the bill itself.when will this party be hated in destroying everything in BC for the bloody dollar and this will not pay for health,education or any or social programs, just line the pockets of the already affluent and wealthy! unbelievable and now I will wait for the spin and then see when the next election that come that you are all Cons! Recall coming soon! To ram this Important decision through that will speak volumes of the why?

  3. Billy Bennett is just laying the groundwork for future considerations. He’s just that kind of guy. Stay on his good side though. He can be hell to deal with if he doesn’t like you. Christy calls him bulldozer. Rather fitting I must say.

  4. This is an obvious gift from Chrisy and the liberals to their friends. But why confuse the issue with facts and common sense.
    BC has always had the most inconsiderate electorate in the western world. Too busy living the life that .the freedoms of democracy afford them. And with Harper. making it even harder to register to vote. It’s even easier not to show up for the only poll that counts.

    • “Too busy living the life that .the freedoms of democracy afford them.”

      So the Govt telling you what you can do with YOUR Private Property = freedoms of democracy ? ? ? That is just silly Michael.

      “And with Harper. making it even harder to register to vote.”

      Michael . . . you another one of those RARE Canadians that have NO ID ?
      That is just insane Michael . . .

      What in your mind Michael would be OK for a property owner do to with his Private Property? Should he not be free to do what the Municiipality, City or Township deem appropriate?