Hard-core heroin addicts win round in the courts over special study

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Hard-core heroin addicts win round in the courts over special study

The Pivot Legal Society says a B-C Supreme Court judge has granted an injunction to the participants in the Salome study, allowing them an exemptions from federal regulations that prohibit doctors from prescribing heroin to patients, for whom other treatment options have been ineffective.

The Providence Health Care Society and four individuals launched the case last fall, alleging the regulations, which would kill the study, violated their constitutional rights.


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  1. If its not legal to assist in suicide , why is it legal to give heroin to junkies ? its the same result .

    By the way , I want to file a complaint that this ruling violates my constitutional rights … I am being made poorer, without my agreement, by having more tax dollars sucked out of my pocket to support this brain dead study

    • No it is going to cost you less because if given a specific dose of a opiate so they don’t have to break into your car to steal your $300.00 stereo to sell for 50 dollars to get their next fix which may or may not cause them to have to go to hospital by ambulance and tie up an ER bed.

      We have a problem with purity and morality. Not with Diacetylmorphine

  2. And I love how judges have become the experts at what kind of treatment is appropriate for patients.

    Why do we have laws? The judges just change the ones they don’t like. Parliament and the Legislative Assembly seems to be completely without cause.

    What the charter has done is move lawmaking from an elected body who is accountable to the public at least every four years to an unelected body who is accountable to nobody ever.

    It’s time that our parliament stand up, reign in the courts and use the not withstanding clause to preserve any sort of confidence the public should have in parlaiment.