BCTF President says it seems he’s bargaining for the entire public sector

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BCTF President says it seems he's bargaining for the entire public sector

On day 4 of the rotating strikes, the head of the teachers union says job action will not escalate without teacher input.

Jim Iker says there will be a province-wide vote of teachers, if they move to a full-blown strike.

But he says the focus now is on bargaining.

Though with all of BC’s “me-too” clauses with other public sectors, he says they keep hearing they can’t get more money.

He says, “Other public sector unions want more money so now it seems we’re bargaining for the whole public sector whereas we should be bargaining for what’s important for our members.”

Rotating strikes will continue next week.

No firm dates on when bargaining resumes.

Both parties will be before the Labour Relations Board this morning.


  1. This guy would be hilarious if he wasn’t so pathetic. He brings up the “Me Too” clauses with the other public sector unions. Yet he’s the same one along with all his followers that use that VERY same, US TOO, argument comparing teachers pay in BC to all the other provinces. Get your head into the REAL world.

  2. No raises for any public sector employee and politicians
    until the deficit is paid off
    Then us private sector peons can get our medical, dental, eye care etc. paid for like the government employees
    Give all private sector workers paid sick days, holidays paid by savings from the public sector coffers for us to have pension plan. and maybe we can retire at 58 as well
    I am my 35th year of working and have 7 more to qualify for the ccp at it’s reduced rate at 62

  3. Yes lets worry about each others union Brothers and Sisters, but screw all the tax payers of the province. The tax payers have lots of money to make sure the unionists have a very comfortable life. I am sick and tired of their entitlements.

  4. Iker is another in the long line of far-left loons the BCTF has put forth . . .
    Does Iker and the rest Public Sector understand WHO pays the bills ?
    In their world . . . they just Want . . . no understanding of where the funds come from. Today we even know the results . . . if we let these lefties run amok . . . just take a look at Greece, Spain and Italy. Publice Sector folks not doing too well in these bankrupt and soon to be bankrupt states.
    Me thinks the Taxpayer has had a bellyfull of these overpaid passengers. Their benefit package alone is more than some folks at the bottom end make in a year.

  5. The arrogance of the BCTF seems to escalate each time Iker speaks! It is high time the government impose a legislative solution as the BCTF have zero intention at meeting taxpayer intent.

  6. And here all this time I thought the BCTF was thinking about the children of BC. Huh. I wonder if he realizes it’s those very children that will be handed the hefty price tag for his shameless self-importance?

  7. Dale,did you ever go to school in your life since your comments are rather very stupid.So what if public pays a bill does that mean we do not need teachers,doctors,nurses etc?Do you even know how much it cost to become a teacher?Do you know that teacher in BC are lowest paid in Canada?Do you think for a minute that we have a democracy here in BC or in Canada.This government gave huge tax brakes to corporation(lowest taxes in Canada).

    • Have read some of your comments . . . and its obvious you don’t have a clue.

      If the teachers in BC want to be paid the same as almost bankrupt Ontario . . . they are FREE to move . . . of course they then get to pay Ontario Taxes, Ontario Hydro Rates and so on . . . some of the HIGHEST in Canada.

      I have watched the BCTF for over 30 years now . . . they could not get along with the Socreds, the NDP or the liberals . . . . so who is the problem? The BCTF !

      Who pays Corporate taxes Dubie? Do you know? The CONSUMER pays all corporate taxes and other expenses . . . they add it into the cost of their goods or services. Are you really that out of touch?

      Tell me Dubi . . . where on the planet is Socialism working ?
      Bet your idea of democracy is Russia or Saudi Arabia . . . yes !

    • I don’t think the stupid comments came from Dale!
      I’ as a Taxpayer in B.C. could care less if you are paid less than other Provinces. You are paid well when compared to others with similar education. That is what counts.
      You know that Ontario is asking for concessions from Teachers. Even 2-3 unpaid days off a year.
      Alberta’s last contract was for 2% over 4 years. Looks like Alberta and Ontario have realized that they have over paid their Teachers.
      And you are not the 2nd lowest, in Canada.

  8. And on the federal tax scene . . . substantial tax savings for ordinary Canadians . . .

    This year, individual Canadians will pay $17.1 billion less in income tax and $13.3 billion less in GST as a result of tax changes the Conservatives have made since 2006.

    That’s $30 billion less in federal tax.

    “These changes have been progressive, overall,” the non-partisan PBO said. “Low and middle income earners have benefited more, in relative terms, than higher income earners.”

  9. Doesn’t Iker realise that the rest of the public sector unions have already settled. Iker could settle this tomorrow if he would accept the same settlement as their CUPE brothers and sisters. CUPE school employees are paid by the hour and are losing 20% of their wages each day the teacher strike even though the have a legal contract to work.

  10. Dale,do we need police,doctors,nurses,teachers or should we live in uncivilized society where nobody pay taxes.For you money is everything but for majority is not and not for me either.Ken,why would they take a deal like that it is 7.6% for 6 years and yearly inflation is 2-3%,they are already lowest paid in Canada.

    • dubruk – different Dale here but I agree with the other Dale. You claim that other Dale thinks money is everything and claim that it is not for you. That is great and maybe could even be commendable but then you go and rant on about how teachers need more money than the 7.6% and how they are the lowest paid in Canada (which is not true). Something does not add up with your comments. As far as I am concerned the government should impose a 10 year deal and put this issue to rest for a while – or at least until the BCTF grows up and starts really thinking about the students and the other working people in this Province.

  11. Shure you would impose 10 year contract because you are right wing nut.Would you sign 10 year contract for your self?Main thing is that you think you live in democracy but you would impose things on people,hm hm!You must be ill educated or rich person because if you work for living I feel sorry for you.

    • More nonsense eh Dub . . . . did you know that the teachers also have a COLA clause in their agreement? That’s cost of living for the uninformed.

      Are you a teacher ?

      Problem I have with many teachers . . . they go to school, they go to college and then they go to school. They have little of no understanding of the real world.
      Although there are many dedicated hard-working teachers . . . a substantial percentage are in the teaching profession because they failed at their original goal in college, and the default was a teaching degree.

  12. So apparently Iker has slipped into his Superman outfit and is going to lead the trade union movement to contractural prosperity. Who is he trying to kid? Iker wants their support for their 4% demands by holding out a carrot that if he succeeds they can coattail and whipsaw the government to dole out matching contracts. If anything the BCTF’s outrageous demands is going to give the government the ability to point to them as greedy and unreasonable. Moreover, if the BCTF ever gets their 4% on the backs of the taxpayers does anyone believe a tax cutting government will have the political jam to keep jacking up tax rates to satisfy all the other public union demands? But by then Iker will care less