Pimm apologizes for offensive comments

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Pimm apologizes for offensive comments

Blatant racism.

So says NDP leader John Horgan about comments from BC Liberal MLA Patt Pimm.

The comments were in a 2012 email obtained by the Globe and Mail newspaper.

While complaining about the Agricultural Land Commission, Pimm says “Here is an opportunity to actually muster up some support for our team but instead we will ignore it and go out and find some way to give the Indians more money which doesn’t get me one vote!”

Horgan says he’s disappointed.

“To see and hear of blatant racism within the cabinet and the caucus of the BC Liberal party is profoundly frustrating and disappointing.”

Premier Christy Clark is also condemning the remarks.

“Unacceptable, they don’t reflect government’s policy, government’s direction.”

Pimm himself has issued a written apology.

The former agriculture minister is undergoing cancer treatment.


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  1. Perhaps it is about time that a MLA Regulation Branch was set up to discipline MLAs who feed excessively at the public trough and make racist comments that offends the entire First Nations-compared to an unacceptable and equally offensive remark made by a Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary teacher to one female student.

    Like teachers who have to be put in their place, ex-Cabinet Miniister Pat Pimm,, even in the absence of a MLA Regulatory Branch, should be suspended for three months without pay-cancer or no cancer.

    Better still, turf him out permanently as his comments do not help Christy reach out to First Nations. Christy Clark should act premier-like.This isn’t the first time PP has put his foot in his mouth.

  2. I don’t get it. He said something about giving Indians more money (which governments do all the time). The bit about getting him some votes may not be the brightest comment, but what is so offensive or racist about it?

    • If you were to take the time to look into things you would find that the government doesn’t give the (Indians) any money that’s not theirs in the first place… there was a trust fund set up for the first nations years ago that’s was reached the trillion dollar mark but the government holds the purse strings