NDP MP again accuses Kinder Morgan of dirty pool

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NDP MP again accuses Kinder Morgan of dirty pool

An NDP MLA is shaking his head as Kinder Morgan applies for an extension with the National Energy Board in order to answer over 10-thousand questions from intervenors.

Kennedy Stewart says the move over the proposal to twin the Trans Mountain pipeline is not lacking in irony.

“Because they have been fighting against every other one that anybody else has asked for. Once again it underscores how completely out of control this process is. What I have been saying right from the beginning is the NEB is going to have to go back to the drawing board on this. You can’t say an application is complete when the company hasn’t even decided what route they are going to put their five-billion-dollar pipeline on.”

Stewart says Kinder Morgan has suddenly added a fourth pipeline route and plans to further increase the pipeline’s capacity.

“This is really outrageous because the National Energy Board had said many weeks ago that this application was complete that it wasn’t going to change and then we just have change after change after change making it probably one of the biggest oil pipelines in North American now if not the biggest.”

Stewart says this from a proposal, which the National Energy Board said was complete.

“You can see that they are trying various routes trying to find anyway they they can to get this thing through. The public has been completely excluded really from this process. Burnaby has been very active but then you think about the other municipalities Coquitlam, Surrey, Kamloops, Abbotsford.”

He says the process as a whole is “un-Canadian.”

However Kinder Morgan Vice President Scott Stoness was brief in his response when asked about plans to increase Trans-Mountain’s capacity.

“No that is not correct.”

Kinder Morgan admits the maximum capacity could be over a million barrels of oil a day but says that is not in the current plans filed with the National Energy Board and if it wanted to increase capacity it would have to re-apply to do so.


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  1. Another day in Oil and Gas nothing they ever say is the truth,most everything is already a fix so now up the anti when all the players(NEB and the Federal and provincial governments) are on your side and stop the naysayers anyway they want. With the endlessbridge ads over and over to try and brainwash the public, people in BC are wary of lies and deceit from subsidized Oil&Gas.Kinder Morgan every changing direction without and plan at all! pipeline dreams bursting at the seams. LNG just a rant jobs, jobs and going on nowhere, but to put BC in debt forever with China and Russia’s deal to undercut the pricing. My, My Oh, what a tangled web we weave: When first we practise to deceive! Now the Quebec Ship builder Davies want our ships to be built in Quebec and is causing a stir just before a Federal Election.Oh! My,my stop it already!

  2. “You can’t say an application is complete when the company hasn’t even decided what route they are going to put their five-billion-dollar pipeline on.”

    Kennedy Stewart would never get a job with the BC Liberals. The Liberals wouldn’t have a problem letting Kinder Morgan begin without a planned route. Afterall, the Liberals make up legislation on the fly….behind closed doors where transparency can’t get at them.

  3. I have some concerns about the LNG proposals, but let’s about talk the “tangled web” and “lies and deceit”. In regard to the NDP having a “new” leader – how did The Who sing it – meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Are you going to try to tell me that the NDP under Horgan isn’t involved with the “greenie” strategy of trying to kill or delay the pipeline? You don’t believe Horgan knew what Stewart was going to say in regards to the NDP position on this issue? If Horgan wasn’t involved then someone else in the background is the leader and he’s just a figurehead. But look how different the NDP is with Horgan! They now really are for protecting jobs in the resource industry! Yeh, right Ken!

    The strategy of these clowns is obvious. If you ask 10,000 questions (and are looking for yet more) and create delays caused by the necessity to answer them, then you can say the process is taking too long; you can accuse KM of dragging their feet; you get to say we don’t have enough information; you claim they’re hiding something and the plan isn’t complete and it has to be stopped. This is CLEARLY not just a matter of getting information or clarity of information; it’s being an obstructionist. This is again typical of the Progressive, Cloward and Piven strategy; flood the process in order to bring it to a halt. It is the same tactic that Obama and his clones are using across the border. Of course, that should be anticipated, since much of the funding of these obstructionist programs come from the same international sources.

    The same goes for KM proposing a different route. The plan is being changed and not the same plan; it has to be stopped. Did anyone think that the KM suggested changes in the route are possibly due to objections from those opposing a particular route(s) and KM is trying to make modifications in order to find the most acceptable alternative? I am not privy to KM info; but this sounds like a pretty logical strategy. But according to the Progressive crowd, if you amend the route in order to satisfy the concerns of others, you are “outrageous”. Of course then you can further try to cloud the issue (or is it Cloward the issue) by claiming KM is trying to increase the pipeline’s capacity. So where is the proof of this claim? I suspect it got lost in the mail with the evidence for man-made global warming.

    And what’s wrong if it is the biggest pipeline in North America. Is the NDP afraid it might bring prosperity to ‘other than their political hacks’? Where does the NDP plan to get all the money they would like to spend if we don’t develop and tax our resources? More NDP airhead thinking (or lack of)!

    I agree with Stewart; the process is disgraceful and out of control. It’s disgraceful that the Progressive loons are out of control and allowed to impact so many lives with their obstructionist games. It’s also disgraceful we continue to put up with these clowns and their “barnyard droppings”.

    I don’t agree with Stewart’s comments of this being “un-Canadian”. Studying a proposal to death; wasting time and money by creating committee after committee until everything grinds to a halt is VERY Canadian. That’s why Canada is a decade or two from where we could and should be (or should I have said century or two?).

  4. Well, Kennedy Stewart is loving this opportunity to grandstand. Truth is, he is dead set against ANY route that KM might propose and would just as well see their Burnaby facility shut down completely.

  5. Another far-left ANTI . . . Stewart is the spokesperson for the Failed Socialism of ages past.

    Until someone creates an alternative to fossil fuels . . . that’s what runs the modern industrial world . . . there is NOTHING to replace oil and gas tomorrow, next week or next year . . . probably decades away.

    And the Facts are IN . . . it will not be Wind and Solar . . . even Germany is downsizing their alternative energy nonsense as they have figured out the govt subsidies go on forever.