Day 3 of teachers’ rotating strikes around the province

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Day 3 of teachers' rotating strikes around the province

Teachers are staging a third day of rotating strikes today, as schools in 15 districts across the province will be behind picket lines this morning.

Those districts include, Abbotsford, Delta, Coquitlam, Kamloops Thompson, Okanagan Similkameen, and Vancouver Island West.

The BC Teachers Federation is expected to release more details today about rotating strikes continuing Monday to Friday through next week.

Bargaining is also scheduled to resume today with the BC Public School Employers Association, and the union says the rotating strikes could be axed if there is major progress at the bargaining table.

Meanwhile, the government’s negotiators and the teachers’ union will meet with the Labour Relations Board tomorrow over lockout provisions that include a 10% pay cut for teachers.


  1. It is also Day 3 of the fumbling Liberal Government’s “brand new to BC” labour relations “partial” lockout. How is that going for them?
    If you are wondering why teachers are on the street at lunch; they are there because, unlike the Liberal Government, they respect and obey the law.

  2. They (twice) stripped contracts and were found guilty in court of breaching the Charter Rights of the workers bound by those contracts (HEU and BCTF). Where have you been, Dwight?

    • @BC Of course, we all know that Dwight is not the Labour Relations expert that he says he is. Unlike professional labour relations experts (Cameron excepted) who respect and understand the collective bargaining process, Dwight does not.

      Dwight has always been around. He just doesn’t get it.