Vancouver Aquarium responds to criticism from Dr. Jane Goodall

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Vancouver Aquarium responds to criticism from Dr. Jane Goodall

The President and CEO of the Vancouver Aquarium will be inviting world-famous gorilla researcher Dr. Jane Goodall to the city, to see first hand how belugas and dolphins are treated at the Aquarium.

Aquarium President Dr. John Nightingale told the Board of Trade breakfast this morning that he’ll now be getting in touch with Goodall very soon.

“We’ll reach back to Dr. Goodall this morning and see what the heck happened. But it was a very uncharacteristic move and I think borne out of information that is somewhat inaccurate and what she should properly check up on.”

This all came after Goodall wrote a letter to the Vancouver Park Board urging the Aquarium to phase out keeping marine animals in captivity.


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  1. Well Jane still monkeing around , do you remember Diane Fossey , she literly gave her life for what she believed in, The protection of the Mountian Gorilas . Where as a few fish , and what not for education purpuses , It’s like liveing with the chimps , Orangatangs are realy funny.