Liberal Government moves to limit debate on controversial ALR legislation

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Liberal Government moves to limit debate on controversial ALR legislation

The Liberal government is moving to limit debate on the most controversial bill in the BC legislature this spring–a remake of the Agricultural Land Commission.

Liberal house leader Mike de Jong says all debate on the bill will be complete by 5:30 Thursday–just before the house rises for the summer.

The NDP has been leading the charge against the bill, saying it will allow development on valuable farmland.

The Liberals say there will be no change in the vast majority of productive farmland in BC, and the changes will allow farmers on marginal land to make some extra cash.



    • What’s not democratic or transparent here? The ALR is arguably the only good idea the NDP can take credit for but changes have been discussed for almost a year and the government has stated what their goals are. Just because you disagree with them, don’t suggest this is being railroaded through without plenty of media attention, public discussion or opposition criticism.

      • That’s just the point, RON. There is immense media attention to it and it’s a huge issue. Clearly people are concerned. So, rather than debate it properly, they are going to ram it through.

  1. More of the same old by this Government to please their developer friends and destroy the ALR as they have been doing so for the last decade in the lower mainland prime farmland now residential housing.This will help the guy that build his rodeo grounds and will get away with it all with the Liberals blessing and all this has to do it with fracking so gas companies can skirt the existing laws and get on prime ALR land for frack the hell out of it and of course condos!

    • The ALR legislation is being rammed through under the radat while everyone is totally consumed by the partial rotating strike and the lock-out which is not really a lock out.

  2. I will say it is being railroaded, because it is. Public discussion? Show me. The Liberals discuss policy behind closed doors. The Liberals institute policy behind closed doors.

    Of some note, when the Liberals deem the BC Utilities to be a hindrance to a a given Liberal agenda, they simply shut them down. Ron, that is not democracy at work.

    • This IS public discussion right here David and it has been going on for months. There are similar sites, letters to the editors, blogs, the constituency office, farmers market groups, etc. It’s not hard to start one either. There’s tons of material (mostly developed “behind closed doors”) on all sides to start the ball rolling.

  3. Steer manure is what call the “non democratic” comments.Every majority government, no matter which party is in office,is vitually an elected dictatorship.People only whine about the lack of democracy when it’s THEIR polices that are not being enacted into law.
    What’s wrong in virtually every legislative chamber in the land is the partisanship,and the notion that the only role of parties that sit in opposition is to oppose anything and everything that the sitting governments propose.Because of that,debates in these chambers are not actually debates on the substance of the issue at hand.They are little more than soap boxes from which people who’s parties were not elected to sit as the government can start campaigning for the next election.
    I would give my eye teeth to se more real debates in Parliaments in every corner of this once great nation.But with polarizations and political partisanship being what it is now,I do not expect to see that any time soon.Any member of the opposition who is even perceived to be cooperating with the sitting government is going to be thrown under the bus by the supports of his or her own party.Very few people elected to the opposition benches are going to take that risk now,or at any time in the future.

  4. For improved efficiency, all legislative debates should be prohibited. When the government has no intention of listening to criticism, and has full power to do as they please, the legislature is a waste of time. Save us the money honey – carry on doing whatever you like.

  5. No surprise here. At the annual Liberal convention this last weekend the Party devoted 2 hours, a whole 2 hours to debate on motions from the Liberal faithful. Their own party thinks the devoted only deserve 2 hours a year, what the hell do you think the rest of us will get? 2 hours. Honey Boo Boo takes more time than that to put her photo op face on.