Lawyers to withdraw legal aid services this summer in funding protest

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Lawyers to withdraw legal aid services this summer in funding protest

Several dozen Vancouver lawyers plan to withdraw their services this summer to protest a lack of legal aid funding.

At least 100 Vancouver lawyers plan not to take any legal aid clients for five weeks this summer, starting in July.

“Legal aid continues to be underfunded.”

The Trial Lawyers Association of BC’s Ben Doyle.

“We don’t want a situation where you see more and more people representing themselves because that is what slows down the courts.”

A similar withdrawal two years ago saw some cases thrown out because no attorneys were available.

The province announced two million dollars for legal aid this week, but Doyle that’s not nearly enough to cover how much self-represented litigants cost the already badly backlogged justice system.

Samiran Lakshman with the BC Crown Counsel Association says it now takes 11 months –on average– for a child protection case to be heard in family court.

He says the province needs more judges to deal with ongoing backlogs and scheduling delays.

“Last year, on March 31st, 2013, we had 130 judges or full-time equivalent judges and now we have five fewer provincial court, full-time judges. Disturbing part about that number is about 40 per cent of those are part-time judges.”

Lakshman’s expecting more judges to retire this year… creating even more vacancies.

He says one Surrey courtroom recently had six trials booked on the same day amounting to 32.5 hours of time scheduled before one judge.


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    • What you call “games” are fundamental to the justice system. I know that Conservatives would like to eliminate the justice system and go straight back to vigilante lynchings, but too bad. Don’t like it? Maybe Iran would suit you better.

    • Don, THANK YOU for posting what you did. From our personal experience, you are 100% correct. In our case the mother has a free legal aid lawyer, the father had been denied legal help even though he qualifies. Time and time again we see in court where the lawyer uses up any and all time allotted from legal aid, usually in 25 hr increments, with frivolous and in many cases, out right false-hoods, We have also personally witnessed the lawyers give an order, or breach an order always on a Friday, around 4 pm, giving the other party NO TIME to respond till the following week. Yes Don, we have sat in the Surrey Court house for over 2 1/2 years and witnessed first hand the legal games the lawyers play at the expense of CHILDREN. Every time you appear in front of a judge, it’s a different judge each time, again using up valuable time. FACT: The legal system is badly broken, and families are paying the price for it. In our case, we have a 4 year old critically ill child in complete kidney failure, had his first kidney removed, second one now failing, and a Dad denied access to even see his son. WHY, because he does not have a lawyer, and The Childrens Ministry has no issues with the father what so ever.

  1. I guess the Lawyers want a longer vacation period, plus force more money from the taxpayer to augment their already plush incomes. The problem with the Court system is the lawyers who deceive, delay, play games and a host of other nonsense.

  2. Well, maybe if you skeezy lawyers didn’t charge so much flippin’ money, this wouldn’t be an issue! Maybe people could afford to hire one of you! But $500/hour PLUS all of your expenses is a little much for us regular joes.