Friend of accused dog killer says the media is out to get her

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Friend of accused dog killer says the media is out to get her

The dog walker who’s accused of leaving six dogs to die in the back of her truck has told a friend, the backlash is like she participated in the Holocaust.

Emma Paulsen isn’t willing to talk yet and tell her side of the story, apparently not at least until she hires a lawyer according to a friend of her’s.

The gentleman, contacted by phone, says Paulsen feels terrible, likening the backlash to being solely responsible for the Holocaust.

He also accuses the media of ‘being out to get her.’

The friend clearly wasn’t happy with the phone call saying it was an invasion of his privacy.


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  1. Interesting : 6 Million children born each year into this world never get to celebrate their 1st birthday and here on the lower mainland everyone gets bent out of shape and the Media is frothing at the mouth about 6 dogs. Sure it is unfortunate but put things in perspective people, please.

    • Just because human arrogance tends to value human life more than anything that doesn’t make another animals life less important.
      It’s more than “unfortunate” -all life is precious.
      Those that cannot defend themselves need to be protected.

    • Maybe 6 million children shouldn’t be born then. “Sure its unfortunate, but put things in perspective people please.”
      As far as animals are concerned, we are their keepers and they should be allowed to
      live their life without pain and suffering, even if we do use them for out needs.

    • Murray, who are you to decide how to place value on life. Maybe to some of those 6 families their dog was like their child. For one elderly lady her dog was her sole companion. Obviously its terrible when a child doesn’t live to celebrate their first birthday but at least they were not left to die a horrible death because someone left them in a hot car deliberately!!!!

    • Excuse me Murray, but your point doesn’t make this matter any less valid. Sorry but this has directly effected our community! This was 100% preventable! There are a lot of animal lovers and “dog people” out there, and we will not put up with selfish acts of irresponsibility! Feel free to advocate for the children who suffer, but don’t minimize this horrific tragedy.

  2. The Media is out to get her?? No the General Public is. Can’t wait to hear her side of the story. As I write this NW’s poll is 91% say jail time is warranted for cruelty.

  3. The ignomy of public excoriation is the worst part of this for the ex dogwalker ….. The justice system has far more important issues to deal with. At best the benevolent judge will jump to the defence of this well meaning but thoughtless individual and impose the softest possible suspended sentence , and in doing so feel proud of having stood up to the mindless baying of the rabid and unintelligent masses !

    • Well-meaning. She INTENTIONALLY left six dogs in a care to bake while she ran some errands – rather than walking them, which is what she’d been paid to do. This “well meaning” individual then dumped their bodies and concocted a lie to cover her ass. I still remember the initial news reports – the dogs owners hugging her to show their support because they erroneously assumed, just as you erroneously assume, that she was “well meaning”.

  4. Say it’s not so. The media is all about impartiality and honest reporting. There’s no such thing as judge/jury by media. Shame on anyone who thinks otherwise. lol.

  5. Why is it that when we have someone seen killing three or four people they are an “an alleged” offender; when someone comes out of a bank with a bag of money, smoking gun in hand and a couple of dead bank guards, showing bullet holes, laying on the bank floor the individual is an “alleged bank robber”? The Press must not jump to conclusions or they may taint any potential legal proceedings. I believe I’ve heard that before.
    Now we have an individual who as of yesterday has not been charged (don’t know if that has changed this morning) of causing the death of the dogs and they are an “accused dog killer”. Not that I am defending this individuals actions, I thought “accused” was reserved for when charges have actually been laid. And according to media standards, isn’t labeling an individual “killer” usually reserved until AFTER a conviction?
    The NW headline makes it sound like it was done deliberately; although possible, more likely a stupid, thoughtless, neglectful action. From you headline on this story, NW seems to give more latitude to murderers, thieves, “hate criminals” (at least when committed by “non-whites”) and other slime-balls.
    If find the hypocrisy almost worthy of ‘upchucking”. I am a pet-lover (no perverts, not in that way) but I strongly feel the press has gone way overboard on this issue. So, what if some whacko takes “justice” into their own hands and harms EP – will NW be then proud of contributing to the situation? And the ‘cutesy’ photos really aren’t incendiary, are they?
    But then again this is another case of “if it bleeds, it leads”. How professional!

    • “The NW headline makes it sound like it was done deliberately; although possible, more likely a stupid, thoughtless, neglectful action.”

      She left the dogs in her car on a hot day knowing full well they would be uncomfortable but assuming they wouldn’t end up dead. She was wrong. Did she deliberately kill the dogs? No. Did she intentionally put them in a dangerous situation, aware of the possible consequences, and rolled the dice nevertheless? Yes.

      Oh, and did she then dump their bodies in a ditch and then lie about it? Yes to that too.

  6. Likening her treatment to the Holocaust? Seriously! Get over yourself Emma. You truly are ignorant. Whatever you are feeling it was ‘you’ who put yourself in that position. No one else. Do you actually think the reaction would be as it is right now had you not come clean on the day or even a few days later. You did this to youself.
    What were you doing in Richmond? Seems to me that Richmond would be just far enough away from Langley for you to go about running personal errands and shopping without coming across any of the owners so it was far less likely that you would be caught NOT performing the services that you were being paid for.
    Expecting people to feel sorry for someone who was completely dishonest and selfish. Is that really what some people are saying here? This was not a mistake by someone who did this on one occasion. It just so happens that on this occasion when she did it 6 poor dogs paid with their lives. Whether or not you yourself like animals gives you no right to tell those people who do, especially the owners of the deceased dogs, that how ‘they’ feel is not important.
    Emma Paulsen did not make an innocent mistake. If it wasn’t for Al from Pet Searchers who knows how long she would have continued with her charade.
    The dog walker Emma Paulsen deserves no sympathy. She isn’t a baby. She is 37 years old grown woman. Her actions on the day were selfish and irresponsible – nothing else. She was running personal errands/shopping while being paid by trusting people to exercise/socialize their dogs. Her own mother’s statement says that it was something she did hundreds of times – admitting Emma did this on a regular basis. Did the owners know that? Did she have permission to take the dogs all the way to Richmond to sit in the truck??? Is it okay with paying her money for work she wasn’t actually performing? How many hundreds of dollars did she steal from the all the owners of dogs she was paid to walk over the years?
    Her actions were both extremely selfish and dishonest – plain and simple. Support needs to go where it is truly needed, the families

  7. This is offensive on every level. The dog walker has gone straight into “I am the victim” mode when she is the one who victimized the dogs, the dog owners and every member of the public who tried to find the missing dogs. She allowed 6 dogs to suffer and die, locked in a hot truck and then threw their corpses into a ditch. She allowed the dog owners to suffer the torment of not knowing, for a week, where their dogs were. She picked up the dogs, then drove to Richmond (and left them to die in her truck) then drove them to Abbotsford (where she dumped them in a ditch), and then drove to Langley where she lied to the dog owners, the general public, and the police. That is a tremendous amount of driving, with a lot of time to think about doing the right thing (which she chose NOT to do). To then make any comment or connection regarding the Holocaust (in which 6 million people were murdered), is repulsive and reprehensible.

  8. Horrible! Emma needs to be punished severely!! I can only hope this will serve as a lesson to other people who are “caring” for sweet, innocent animals in the future. My heart goes out to all those who lost a beloved pet…. :’(

  9. This person is absolute trash and a waste of space on this planet. Put her in jail for the maximum allowable sentence or give her the option of dying from heat exhaustion in the back of a truck. Make an example out of this “person” in the harshest way possible to discourage future animal abusers from considering any other act like this. She deserves any type of actions that are taken against her legal- or otherwise.