Fight over Victoria sewage treatment plant continues

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Fight over Victoria sewage treatment plant continues

The BC Government has decided to stay out of a municipal bunfight in Victoria that is blocking the long-discussed sewage treatment plant for the capital region.

Environment Minister Mary Polak says the government is happy to assist, but will not force a 783 million dollar sewage plant in Esquimalt over the local council’s objection.

She says, “Ultimately it’s their decision, they are the ones who have the obligation to comply and they are the ones who are going to have to answer to their taxpayers at the end of the day, because they will be required to have sewage treatment, the question is who will pay for it.”

But Polak says the federal deadline of 2020 to begin treating Victoria’s sewage remains–and the province’s one third share of the cost is contingent on construction starting in four years.


  1. Finally, some common sense. The Capital Regional District has mis-managed this project from day one. The selected option goes against science and is more dangerous than the existing system.

    The CRD in particular demonstrates the total incompetence of the Regional District system throughout BC. Just about every thing the CRD places unnecessary taxes and fees that are totally unreasonable.

  2. Just pathetic! How can anyone argue that dumping raw sewage is ok. What is wrong with these people!!!!! Is there any sewage treatment anywhere on Vancouver Island,like Tofino,Parksville,Nanaimo etc.???

  3. One has to remember . . . Victoria the govt union town of far-left lunacy . . . and they know what you should be doing to protect the environment and tell you regularly . . . but THEY have been dumping rude stuff in the Ocean for Decades.
    This is so typical of the unhinged left . . . do as I say, not as I do !

    Of course if Vancouver was doing the same . . . the Victoria folks would ALL be over here protesting . . . laughable ! ! !