Dedicated AIDS ward at St. Paul’s closing

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Dedicated AIDS ward at St. Paul's closing

The Doctor at the forefront of HIV and AIDS treatment in BC and around the world is celebrating a provincial milestone.

Dr. Julio Montaner says 17 years after it opened, the dedicated AIDS ward at St. Paul’s hospital is closing, because the successes treating people with HIV have been so great.

He says, “We have treatment where it was a pandemic disease a very high severe epidemic into a low grade occasional event.”

Montaner says if the federal and other provincial governments were as proactive as BC they could also be celebrating this kind of success.

But he says, lack of federal support is an impediment to many Canadian communities like First Nations, who have still have an epidemic when it comes to HIV/AIDS.


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  1. Its hard for me to admit it but I guess all those red-neck wingos were right….it appears to be a 100% preventable disease.

    Next question… that HIV / AIDS requires considerably less money, can we re-direct these now excessive funds to most impact the greatest number of people who get sick through no fault of their own?