Day 2 of rotating strikes and lockout in schools

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Day 2 of rotating strikes and lockout in schools

This is day two of the rotating strikes by the B-C Teachers Federation.

About a dozen teachers are on the early picketing shift today at the Langley Fine Arts School, including Carol Mason.

She teaches Grade 3 and says it was awful to see kids crying yesterday that today’s classes and performances would be cancelled.

Mason says she hopes this week’s rotating one-day strikes around the province will help get some kind of movement at the bargaining table with the government.

She remembers a time in past negotiations in fact. when wage demands were dropped to focus on class size and composition and she’s saying hopefully they get some kind of movement and that might need to happen.

BCTF President Jim Iker is set to speak at the school later on this morning.


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  1. This dispute has become a legal hornets nest, with officials on both sides posturing for the media and teachers, parents, taxpayers and students literally out in the cold. Binding arbitration now. Public services must be for the public.

      • Hey, opinion head, many schools are closed today. My kids are home. Today, public services in education are not for the public (technically). Try some strong meds. And binding arbitration now.

          • Did you just call those professionals with nothing but the kids at heart and standing up for public education in mind, babysitters? Be careful, they will kick you out of the club for that little slip-up.

          • It’s too bad teacher’s are not payed a baby sister’s wage. Let’s do the rough math, 26 students x $15 per student per hour = $3120 per day times 193 instructional days, that’s over $600,000!!