Bus driver defends himself in video of Langley attack on mom and kids

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Bus driver defends himself in video of Langley attack on mom and kids

A bus driver is defending himself after being criticized over a 20-second video was released of two women fighting on his bus.

Bruce Robertson says the video doesn’t show the whole story.

A mother is seen beating on another woman after she allegedly uttered threats towards her and her children, while Robertson watches.

But he tells CKNW the video stopped before he broke the fight off.

“You gotta pick your moment to get in, so you’re not going to get yourself hurt either. And I did separate the two parties and I got myself between them. Making sure the instigator had her way out the back door.”

Robertson says no one else on the bus moved to intervene.

Instead, he says, they cheered on the mother to continue beating the woman.


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  1. I’m not judging the driver. If the aggressor was plunging a knife into the victim repeatedly the victim would be dead now. Would a knife have made a difference in the actions of the driver? Or would we simply say, “Too bad, so sad.”

  2. Judging from the video, the brawling Surrey mom was about 275 LBs- and about 100 LBs on the poor driver. I think Translink should give him medal for even getting into the octagon with her. If Translink expects their drivers to break up fights they should issued cattle prods to their drivers.

  3. Bus drivers have enough to look after, I think it was good that he stepped in, but
    I think to be a bus driver these days you need self defense training.. Yes another cost to Translink.. but he was so brave to do that.