Vancouver School Board prepares for classes under a ‘partial lock out’

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Vancouver School Board prepares for classes under a 'partial lock out'

After dealing with a teacher’s strike on Monday the Vancouver School Board will now try to figure out what it calls a “confusing” teacher’s partial lock out by the employer when school resumes Tuesday.

Chair Patti Bacchus says confusion is king when it comes to potential impacts on report cards, provincial exams, WCB coverage, and field trips.

“We are still in a state of probably more questions than answers on a whole series of issues and my phone is ringing non-stop.”

Bacchus says among the things the district is trying to figure out is whether or not early classes are affected by the partial lock out.

“I did check with the BCSTA rep to BCPSEA and wasn’t entirely clear. They hadn’t got an answer to that. I think if there is teacher who teaches an early morning class I think the lock out order would mean they don’t come 45 minutes before the start of that class. But it is one of the many lengthly list of things that I would say are far from crystal clear.”

Bacchus says the silver lining of beginning the week behind teacher’s picket lines is time.

“This one day does give us a little bit of room to try and seek clarification and provide some certainty to our schools. Strikes are difficult but they are fairly straight forward in terms of procedures and how we manage them at the school district level. This lock out is really unprecedented and no one quite knows how that works. So what we are finding is for every question we answer three more questions are coming in on the lock out.”

Under a partial lock out teacher’s can’t arrive at school any earlier than 45 minutes prior or stay any later than 45 minutes after.

They also can’t interact with students on breaks or at lunch.

Bacchus says the board is still waiting to hear back from its lawyers after requesting a legal opinion on the lock out letter from the employer issued last week.


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  1. A legal opinion? From a memo? It’s easy to see why the VSB is struggling all the time. Hopefully Bacchus won’t blame the Premier’s child this time.

  2. Patty Bachaus and her ndp friends got the answer on Sunday night. She just doesn’t want to read or understand it. Remember she’s 100% ndp. She can’t make her huge budget work, but when she gets an additional $475,000 donation and turns it down because of ideological differences. She’s a sorry excuse for an administrator and she is only out to score political points with her ndp supporters.

    • So the teachers should be docked 10% of their pay for volunteering. Let’s see, that comes out to $0 deducted since the teachers are still teaching the students 100% of the time during the government’s lockout. BCPSEA’s lockout is confusing.

  3. How much does she spend a year on Lawyer fees? Seems very stupid to call in the lawyers on a memo, when a phone call to the BCPSEA, the Taxpayer bargaining side, and ask them. That would be the best way, call those who wrote the Memo.
    No wonder her budget is all screwed up.

    • BCPSEA has issued two memos. The second one contradicts the first one. Until BCPSEA rescinds the first one, there will be confusion. It is exactly what they intended to do in order to deflect attention from the fact that it is the employers that are punishing the kids (i.e. not able to get tutorial help at recess or lunch, after school activities at risk, provincial exams being marked by non-qualified administrators who haven’t been in a classroom in 25 years, etc.)

      Bacchus is correct in getting a legal opinion, although that may be moot once the LRB rules on the legality of the employers’ lockout.