“Brookswood 6″ dog owners want jail time

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"Brookswood 6" dog owners want jail time

“Jail time.”

That’s what the owners of six dogs who died of heat stroke after they were allegedly left in their walker’s truck are hoping for, as they learn the BC SPCA is recommending charges of animal cruelty.

Eric Ortner, who lost his dog Buddy, wants to see tougher animal cruelty laws.

He says “people are getting away with murder.”

“The way our laws are written right now with our judges, they tend to be pretty lenient, I personally think she is just going to get a fine or community service or something like that, but I would definitely like to see some jail time.”

Clayton Forester, whose pit bull puppy Mia died, says jail time is warranted.

“I hope she gets charged, and I hope she serves time. Having to live day by day with this, she’s been serving time since the day it happened.”

Owner Paul Grant says his family is just beginning the grieving process as they receive their dog Oscar’s ashes this week.

“I don’t know how you put a value on what she’s done to us, the only thing we can truly hope out of this, is she is put in a position where she can’t care for another living and breathing animal.”

Grant says he would like to see the courts impose a lifetime ban on owning animals.

“I have no idea what (jail term) would be long enough, for some people it would have been just a dog, for us we didn’t have children, he was our only child. So that’s a matter of perspective but we can only hope she is put in a position where she can no longer hurt anybody else.”

Ortner says an event is being planned in memory of the Brookswood six.

“We are planning some sort of a memorial service, maybe a candle light vigil, or a day where we just release some biodegradable balloons in memory of the dogs that lost their lives. We aren’t sure when it’s going to be yet, but we are starting to talk about it.”

Several charges of animal cruelty have been recommended against Emma Paulsen by the BC SPCA.

It could be weeks until Crown Counsel determines if charges are warranted.

Paulsen initially told police the dogs were stolen from her truck May 13th in Langley.

Their carcasses were later found in an Abbotsford ditch.


  1. Al though they were part of the family , and will be missed , this is not man sloter , or merder ,
    Just a case of naglect , and for that , she should be judged .
    No jail time isn’t the answer , but a comand , that she never be alowed to conduct a business
    as a dog walker , or any thing to do with other peoples pets , again . And her infamey will treat her acordingly .

    • A few words of wisdom. These are dogs. As a former pet owner (many times over), I understand the loss. But this wasn’t a psychopath torturing animals, it was very poor judgement and (I assume) not intentional. May these people who want such severe punishment be as vehement when it comes to premeditated murder. May you all consider what happens in an abortion and let your conscience similarly guide you. And yes, I know all the arguments so you really don’t have to lecture me again. Just sayin’.

        • James: It was actually brought up to compare the difference between a reaction to loss of a pet and a human life. Rather than express being a proponent of the ‘Pro-Life’ philosophy; my intent was to get people just to think about their reactions.
          But, I love the way you twist words and concepts and always look for a way to present a fallacious point with that “obviously a man”. Very Progressive of you; thank you for making the point and for being able to read my mind as to my intentions. But I’d prefer you to know what my intentions were; rather than you try to define them for me.
          Oh, by the way, is it only the Progressives that are allowed to express points that fall in line with their philosophies and no one else?
          Just sayin’ back at you.

  2. Note to NW re your poll; what is defined as excessive cruelty? Dropping that expression is a land mine because excessive can mean a whole lot of things to different people. Think you need to better define the question.

  3. For those of us who have dogs, they are a part of our family. I love my dogs very much. Individuals who hire a pet sitter are considerate of their dogs and want them to be cared for and comfortable when they are away for some time. When I worked, I always had a pet sitter come during the day and even later that night if I had to work late. Trusting a pet sitter to care for your dog(s) gives them the responsibility of ensuring nothing happens to your dog(s). Maybe the dogs dying in her care was not intentional, but leaving them in a truck with little air flow, on a hot day definitely WAS intentional. To have taken the bodies to another area, dumping them and then telling a story about them being kidnapped WAS intentional. To find out your dog is dead due to her negligence is definitely heartbreaking. Of course, the owners want some sort of retribution. I would. She deserves some jail time, community service at a shelter/kennel (cleaning up the kennels would be good!), the inability to pet sit ever again and no pet for a year or two. The owners need for some sort of justice to be done for what she did to their precious babies.