Rally to save Pine Free Clinic

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Rally to save Pine Free Clinic

In hopes of keeping Kitsilano’s only youth clinic open, people are rallying outside the centre on West Fourth today.

MLA David Eby says Vancouver Coastal Health is making a mistake in closing the Pine Free Clinic – and consolidating services into the Raven Song Community Centre.

“I don’t understand what the problem is that’s being solved by closing these clinics they do a really wonderful job in our community. And we’re hoping they’re going to reconsider.”

Pine is one of four clinics scheduled to close in October.

Eby is hoping today’s rally will encourage the government to take a serious second look at closing the clinics.


      • Tony:
        Again it may be a bit incendiary to label someone a “dipper” but you really add to the debate by the label of “right wing” on anyone that want’s to try and keep the same relative efficacy levels and save some money for the over-stretched taxpayer. By using the Progressive tactic of labeling you try to avoid the issues and get everyone stuck in mindless debates – or try to scare off those who wish to participate. Why don’t you just go for the gusto and call us all racists; that will do it I’m sure.
        Questions: Why the distinction of “youth” clinics? Are all humans not basically subject to the same diseases? Don’t we already have a “Care Card” for those who need the service? Have our youth declined so badly that they now need a special health care system? Are STD’s that rampant in the young?
        Or is this just an excuse for those that wish to freeload on the good graces of the taxpayer and that come in from other provinces or parts of the world?
        Sorry Tony, that boat has sailed – because the “taxpayer’s pockets” are empty and most of us are tired of seeing our services cut and our net incomes drop to a point where we find it tough just to pay our bills; hard to fee too sorry for those that want to feed on the tax dollar and not contribute. But then again, it helps to keep a lot of underachieving politicians and bureaucrats at the trough.
        It’s about time someone addressed the spending side of the equation and stopped just sending more costs on to us. Personally, I think we could probably cut the cost and size of government by about one-third and nobody (except the freeloaders) would see a bit of difference – other than having the choice of where our money goes and not have governments thinking they can spend OUR money better than we can (another symptom of the Progressive illness).

  1. The health care system needs a purge of middle & upper management- nothing more – nothing less.
    These local community service actually work and are cost effective.