NPD leaders meet

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For the first time since B-C N-D-P Leader John Horgan’s inauguration, he met up with federal N-D-P Leader Tom Mulcair.

They say their talk went well because they agreed on almost every topic.

Mulcair says this includes their views on the environment.

“We really are of one mind on almost all of these issues for the good and simple reason because we both take a pragmatic approach. We understand that our natural resources are a real blessing but they have to be developed on a sustainable basis.”

Both men point to each others’ experience as the reason they’ll make good leaders.


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    • I beg to differ.If he’s met with Thomas Mulcair he will either have to disagree with him publicly,or become extremely “wishy washy”.
      In case you have not been following politics in central Canada,and especially in Quebec,you need to learn how much NDP policy is different here than it is in Quebec. Mulcair is pushing NDP policies in Quebec that are never going to be accepted in the west.SCOC judges,for example.Senate reform is another.

      • Son, are you trying to enlighten us? As to you need to learn how much NDP policy is different here than it is in Quebec. What is your point? We know about the east and they have different problems with tyrants lies and deceitful leaders!

        • LOL!! So which SPECIFIC NATIONAL NDP policy that you think should,or can apply in Quebec,that will not impact the people of BC?
          Would that be the Senate? A NATIONAL institution.Would it be the SCOC? Also a NATIONAL institution?
          And please.With all due respect,do not call me “son”.I am nothing of the sort.Nor do I desire to be.

        • Of course you defend the “N”DP. You do at every corner and every chance. NDP means NDP. When the leader of the federal NDP meets with the leader of the BC “N”DP, guess what, it’s to make sure they’re all on the same page. They’re all the same!

  1. I wonder if the topic of the “Dutch Disease” came up. This was the theory being advanced by Mulcair a couple of years ago which had it that the high Canadian dollar was a bad thing, and like all bad things it was caused by the petroleum and gas industry-selling so much of a high priced product in US$ and which inflated the C$. This hurt the manufacturing industries in Ontario and Quebec (i.e. where the votes and seats are), but of course hurt the entire country. Why other petroleum producers did not catch this disease was not explained-Venezuela just to name one country.

    Two years on-petroleum industry still producing, and the world price of oil is not lower, Yet, our dollar has lost about 10%-11% of its value over the past year or so. This hurts the “poor” that the NDP “care” so much about-but they don’t really give a hoot about the poor anyway. So, how did we cure ourselves of the “Dutch disease” without following Mulcair’s advice. Well, because the disease never existed in the first place. And, a lower dollar is not a good thing. Which is why no country has ever devalued its currency as step one to prosperity.

    When it comes to economics, the NDP is clueless. They will lose many of their Quebec seats and opposition status in the next election.

  2. Since Mulcair and Horgan agree on almost everything . . . and wild eyed Tom is a complete loon . . . what does this make Horgan?

    All over the world . . . socialism is a dismal failure . . . from Greece to Spain to Californistan to Manitoba . . . ALL broken and failing economies, mired in debt.
    Didn’t Manitoba just have another round of Tax Increases . . . thanks to the NDP !
    How will that work out? A couple of years ago . . . the Socialist regime in France raised taxes on the evil rich . . . the next year Revenue dropped significantly . . . wonder why?
    They mostly Left with their money . . .