“Empty the Tanks” rally set for today outside Vancouver Aquarium

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"Empty the Tanks" rally set for today outside Vancouver Aquarium

Activists are gathering this afternoon outside the Vancouver Aquarium to take part in what is being called the biggest anti-captivity demonstration in Vancouver’s history.

Janos Mate with Whale Friends says the “Empty the Tanks” rally is part of an international day of protest against keeping dolphins and whales in captivity.

“Many other countries in the world have passed legislation, it’s time for the Vancouver Aquarium to come in to the 21st century and end this practice and make the aquarium into a place that is educational without cruelty.”

The Vancouver Park board has until July to compile a report on best practices after Vancouver City Councillors rejected the idea of holding a non-binding referendum on banning whales and dolphins in captivity here in Vancouver.

For their part, officials with the aquarium say by studying captive animals they can better help those out in the wild, while educating the general population on the ocean.

The rally begins at 2:30pm.


    • I know eh! Typical of these type. They care more for NON human things than for the obvious things that would make life better for HUMANS. So twisted and bent. They don’t have their priorities straight. They SHOULD be protesting things like you mention, or high gas prices. Something others will get behind.

  1. In the activist’s world….only the “rich” and “privileged” should experience sea life in person, from a boat. And those who can’t afford it will have to use their imagination from looking at picture books. Perhaps the activists should put their money where their mouths are and PAY for those that want to experience sea life in their nature habitat instead of from an aquarium.

  2. I agree, empty the tanks & build a bigger Aquarium & fill it full of dolphins, killer whales & belugas!
    Vancouver has never been the same since the animal worshipers have taken over!

  3. And how do these people know that these animals don’t like the easy life ?? Do all these people speak “whale” ? Now, I’m not really for or against on this one but I do know, for certain, that I have no way of knowing if these animals if they like their lives or not.