Supreme Court of Canada hears case on cell phone police searches

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

Should police be allowed to seize and search the cell phones of people they arrest without a warrant?

The BC Civil Liberties Association says no, and is in Ottawa today to make that argument today in the Supreme Court of Canada in a case out of Ontario.

Raji Mangat with the BCCLA says a number of these cases have been heard across Canada – including here in BC.

“So the Supreme Court of Canada, is sort of the highest court in our land, has the opportunity to kind of, set out what the law is that is going to go and apply to everything going forward.”

Mangat says people essentially carry “mini computers” in their pockets, so courts need to update the law so it keeps pace with technology.

A decision in the case heard in BC has been reserved. Mangat says the court may be waiting on Ottawa’s ruling.


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    • That is what should have happened, but on occasion the police lose overstep trying to catch the bad guy and the evidence is turfed at trial. I suspect in the future they will follow the logical steps needed to ensure the evidence is admissible.