Lawsuit filed over Port Mann Ice Bombs

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Lawsuit filed over Port Mann Ice Bombs

A Delta woman who says she has suffered life-altering injuries after being hit by “Ice Bombs” from the Port Mann Bridge is suing the company responsible for bridge maintenance.

A claim has been filed in BC Supreme Court against Transportation Investment Corporation.

Caryl-Lee Obrecht was a passenger in a vehicle heading eastbound and was hit, multiple times, the ice falling above, coming in through a collapsed sun-roof.

Her lawyer is Veronica Milne-Medved:

“She has got like a post-concussion syndrome, which gives her issues with concentration, and memory. It gives her problems sleeping, she has had a lot of flashbacks and nightmares from the accident, and she still has whiplash as well.”

Milne-Medved says T-I Corp. was aware of the risk, and still allowed motorists to be in harms’ way.

The corporation has not filed a defence and these allegations have not been proven in court.

The bridge has since been modified to prevent similar ice-buildup.


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  1. Good. As long as it doesn’t come from the BC Tax Payers. It would also be ok if kevie “HAIR BOY” falcon and the grand poo bah to England were involved. Remember, THEY ARE THE BRIGHTEST AND THE BEST!

  2. It’s not the maintence company that should be sewed , but the jerk that designed the bridge , the guy that signed off on the designe , and the polatishions that had it built , they say how beautifull it is , bla bla , but the designe is wrong the masts should be wider and the cables should be straight up and down like the Lion’s Gate , and not strung across the deck .
    Go after the people that built this monstrosity , and not the janitors .