Bargaining over a new teacher’s contract to resume

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Bargaining over a new teacher's contract to resume

After teacher’s contract talks were cancelled on Friday it sounds like things will get back on track next week.

The BC Government’s lead negotiator Peter Cameron says talks are set to resume just as teachers launch rotating strikes.

“We are good to go next week. We will be meeting with the union on Monday. I tried to suggest that when people talked about walking away and that kind of language to describe it they were in caucus stage even in full bargaining stage there is caucus time. It wasn’t as if the parties weren’t working at trying to find a solution.”

Teachers will also be under a partial lock out as of Monday.

Today the employer posted another document online to explain how the lock out works, as teachers and school boards call it confusing.


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  1. More passive aggression. Just because collective rights aren’t recognized in this province doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The province will be brought to its knees either in full shut down or in court .court is usually more expensive .

    • What collective rights aren’t recognized in B.C.?
      Because the Government has Appealed a decision that will cost B.C. Taxpayers Billions of $,
      And rightfully so, as this has had no affect on the Students what so ever.
      Thousands and Thousands of other Public Sector employees have settled, with little or no disruptions. Why not the BCTF.
      Also, the Appeal process has been used whenever the BCTF deems it necessary. Sounds like just another of the double standards that Teacher seem to expect.

      • Ah, those would be the constitutional rights confirmed in the Supreme Court decision, duh . But why bother with the Canadian courts when if we’ve got you and wing nuts on the right to define our rights for us.

  2. @ Mike This is what is wrong. Bring the Province to its knees my ass. Publish the teachers wage and benefits and see how the private worker responds.
    This gang of spoiled pampered brats ,teachers & BCTF should be history. Lower class sizes would not have anything to do with too many teachers would it.

    • Right on Al, but not only the private sector workers would respond negatively, so would a lot/most of the other public sector workers.
      What other employees anywhere in B.C. or Canada get free Viagra and Massages??

  3. @ Mike If you want to see the teacher’s wages see the link I have attached. BC teachers are the second lowest paid in the country! See the link below.

    Teachers want a fair salary and working conditions. This government has been already found guilty in a court of law (BC Supreme Court rules 2002’s Bills 27 and 28 unconstitutional) now wants to spend OUR tax dollars on an appeal they will never win.