Bangkok quiet a day after the coup, according to Vancouver reporter

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

On the day after the coup in Thailand, the streets of Bangkok have been quiet.

Freelance reporter Cliff Vermette of Vancouver says the military presence within the capital is minimal.

He says, “All reports is that they put their forces towards the perimeter. That was to put a buffer between the two opposing forces. The Red Shirts, which are the pro-government forces, tend to on the outskirts and from the country. Whereas the Yellow Shirts which are the opposition forces are within the city, and the Army felt that it was necessary to keep these two factions away. Within the city, it’s been calm today. And once everyone got used to the curfew it’s actually relatively empty. The schools are mandated to be closed until Sunday, there’s a lot of calm, everyone’s now prepared and the vibe on the streets is just life is normal, you are just preparing for the curfew at 10pm.”

Meanwhile, the United States is pondering sanctions against Thailand`s military for seizing power, saying the coup is unjustified.


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