Vancouver School Board seeks input on sexual orientation policy

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Vancouver School Board seeks input on sexual orientation policy

While the Vancouver School Board prepares for a looming teachers strike, and the uncertainty associated with a government-ordered partial lockout, it’s also taking on the mammoth task of updating its gender inclusion policies.

Following a public meeting that drew 40 speakers last week, an additional 23 speakers spoke tonight (May 22) to share their thoughts on the revisions that aim to reduce or eliminate the practice of segregating students by sex.

“We had a parent speak with her son, who is a trans gender student, they used the example of switching from the girls hockey team at Britannia, to the boys hockey team, to coincide with the student’s gender transition.”

Bacchus says gender is a continuum, and not as clear as some people may think.

The goal is to move away from gender-assigned activities.

“We hear again and again from families and from students that that can cause a lot of anxiety for students. We had a speaker tonight. who said their child at quite a young age looked and acted like a different gender than was assigned at birth, but when they were told to line up as boys and girls, went in the line they associated with their gender identity, and another student said, what are you doing in this line.”

Bacchus says many professionals are in favour of the revisions, but there is a group of angry parents waving placards at the meetings claiming parental rights would be violated.

A final decision is expected in June.


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  1. The “group of angry parents waving placards” are led by Cheryl Chang, one of the lead opponents of trans inclusion in Vancouver schools is also part of a rogue, formerly Anglican hate church.

    Hey Cheryl, how about you parents mind their own business? You can teach your kids whatever you like at home, but don’t expect public schools to reinforce your intolerance.

    • Dear Truth?: As a Christian, I think you should look at a name change.
      While you push for inclusion and tolerance, you seem far from inclusive or tolerant of those who hold views that oppose yours; merely writing off them as coming from those belonging to a “rogue hate church”. How tolerant! We are truly in a time when right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right.
      This again is a prime example of the Progressive mindset. Instead of addressing the “issues” you resort to trying to shut up your opposition by throwing out hateful labels. Nice try, Cloward and Piven would be proud of you.
      One may also ask of you, why don’t you teach your kids what you believe at home but don’t expect the taxpayer to support your beliefs in our public schools? That train goes both ways on that track.
      This is why I believe we need a voucher or similar system that allows parents to remove their children and financial support for your particular brand of secular indoctrination and put them in an alternative learning institution. But as with most government programs, they are so good they have to try to force you to use them.
      P.S. I love the buzz words you folks create. Trans inclusion – really? So many of them sound like lovely rhetoric just trying to cover up barnyard droppings. How long did it take to think that one up?
      I will say a prayer just for you. How hateful huh.

      • You being Christian means nothing to me or saying a prayer.
        A push for inclusion and tolerance is a bad thing?
        Trans-inclusion is not a buzz word dear Christian. How do humans evolve if we do not progress and find words that describe these new things?

        And why are you so offended about this?

        • It is obvious that prayer means ‘zip’ to you, but hopefully one day you will realize how important prayer is; equally who you pray to. But that’s a personal choice we all have and even tho’ I don’t know you, I will still include you in my prayers.

          In spite of what you seem to think, Christianity does not exclude but includes. We believe we are all sinners and should love the sinner and hate the sin. This is very ‘inclusive’. Equating not loving a sin as not loving the sinner seems to be a problem with those with that embrace and are deceived by the ‘religion’ of secularism.

          Having stated that, what offends me is those individuals who are supposed to be a supporter of “inclusion and tolerance” and then use hateful comments (such as “hate church”) to try and exclude the opinions of others from the social process. So, who elected them sheriff?

          Again, this is a Progressive tactic that is used in attempt to exclude Christians (and others) from this process. Can’t you see the hypocrisy in what you are doing? When it comes to Christianity, you are in effect saying, “We believe everyone’s opinions should be included and tolerated – just not yours.” Yes, I find this VERY offensive.

          Funny, I always thought open discourse of ideas was part and parcel of our society; part of coming to a consensus in deciding how our governing bodies should operate; no matter how offended we are by the ideas of others. In the end, it should be, after open discussion, it is the majority wish that prevails. Personally I’m not afraid of or offended by that process.

          • No sorry Skulker, prayer is not important at all. Don’t shove your agenda down my throat thanks.

            It is not the majority that prevails, sorry. When do we get to vote on you and your life? Maybe the majority will take something away from you that you hold dear. Would you like that?

            I don’t mind the sinner either, but I hate the religion, so there you go. Look at that, I’m different then you. Werid huh?

            ….and just one more thing, I hate the word tolerance and never use it in life. You tolerate the things you hate. I prefer acceptance. I accept you. I accept your sin. I accept your replies. I do not accept your cherry-picking of your holy books. I hope you live by every rule that was ever written or you’re not much of a “Christian”.

  2. Hey Cheryl Chang, how about we go way back and segregate the poor children from the rich and the blacks kids and Asians?
    They were once minorities in Canada. We could segregate them as well. How about it?

    • “Bacchus says many professionals are in favour of the revisions, but there is a group of angry parents waving placards at the meetings claiming parental rights would be violated.”

      Where do I sign up to angrily wave my placard claiming my rights have been violated by immigration?

      I hope I sound just as silly as Cheryl Chang and her ilk.

  3. There is a surprising amount of Bibliphobia on this board this morning.
    Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

    The report failed to note that a Vancouve boys senior basketball team has all decided to take showers in the girls change room.

    • Not understanding you.
      I support your right to read and live by your bible, but you cannot cherry-pick and must live by each and every single rule ever written.
      I bet you can’t do that can you?

      What clothing do you wear? what is it made from?
      What do you eat?
      Do you own any slaves?
      Do you stone adulterers? You should, shouldn’t you?

        • Yes but where am I being bigoted?
          I have asked a series of questions about living your Christian lives by each and every word of your bibles.

          So, can you answer those questions or do you dance around and just try to throw it back?

      • Not a bible thumper, but it’s sometimes good to know the topic if you’re going to comment on it. Knowing the difference between the Old Testament vs. New Testament might help your argument better. If you did, you might not take what you said out of context. I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure which parts I’m referring to.

        • Don’t know who you are replying to but new or old testament means zip when they were both written.
          You can’t just re-write the testaments. A testament should mean a testament.

          But like I said, I don’t know you were replying to.

    • If you look at the whole issue; The school board set out to find a balance how to deal with transgender kids. They consulted professionals and came up with a simple plan to protect these kids rights.

      Honestly, I don’t even understand what Cheryl et al’ are protesting. There’s so much mealy-mouthed “we’re not prejudiced” language that they actually failed to make their point altogether.

      We here in Canada have a history of tolerance and acceptance. When outsiders who are new to Canada want to break this tradition, we should be standing up to them and say no, you need to respect OUR culture.