Government negotiator says exam marks, grad celebrations not affected by lockout

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Government negotiator says exam marks, grad celebrations not affected by lockout

The province’s chief negotiator in the teachers’ dispute says exam marks, extra-curricular activities or grad celebrations won’t be affected with a recent lockout notice.

Teachers union president Jim Iker is worried grad, exam grades and summer school prep would be held up if teachers are locked out next week and at the end of June.

Chief government negotiator Peter Cameron admits those problems will be “tweaked.”

Cameron says the important thing was to respond to the union’s move toward rotating strikes.

“We will do nothing that interferes with the marking of exams in a timely way and nothing we’ve done affects the actual conduct of exams.”

He says the same for grad and other extra-curriculars.

In terms of teachers not being allowed to talk to kids at lunch during the partial lockout, Cameron says they can do so in the brief period allowed before or after school.


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  1. What a joke. We’re going to lock out teachers until we need them, and then in the case of those teachers that mark exams, them and only them will be “allowed” to work.

  2. Trevor J. Yes, I heard him.

    That was a public relations disaster. Cameron should take responsibility for this mess and resign. Instead of admitting a mistake, he expects the teachers to now bail him out. That certainly speaks to his arrogance.

    But that’s why he was hired.

    • Insite

      He’s in a difficult position. He gets his marching orders from the government and is asked to take public responsibility for them. This appears consistent with the cabinet documents from which the court drew inferences of “bad faith” negotiations. Mr. Cameron presented conciliatory during the news conference, and provided honest responses. He should not be publicly criticized merely because he’s the messenger.

      • Garp-I agree with your response except for Cameron being conciliatory. Thanks for suggesting that he is just the messenger.

        So I’ll offer another perspective. I heard Cameron flatly deny any suggestion that the Premier or the Education Minister was involved in composing his letter. In fact he hadn’t consulted either.

        I’ll accept that he exchanged no emails with the Premier or the Education Minister for obvious reasons to avoid a paper trail for the next justice to refer to in his/her decision ruling that the government continued to bargain in bad faith.

        Paper trail or no paper trail-Cameron and the government are co-joined at the hip. In my opinion, the government has gone further in these negotiations-by not bargaining at all and in very, very, bad faith.

  3. I heard him and now understand why nothing has come out of the negotiations except bad faith bargaining on the governments side. I can see why he was picked to continue Christy’s teacher bashing. He didint seem to know that the days the government plans to lock out teachers are the days when teachers will mark exams and graduation ceremonies will take place. On the other hand, maybe he did know and just wanted parents to be mad at teachers !!!

  4. Would be interesting to hear that argument at the labour board.

    “Yes, we locked them out to justify the claw back of 10% of their salaries, but they’re still welcome to come in and do volunteer activities during that lockout. Oh right, it’s the volunteer activities we’re locking them out from. The unpaid part of their jobs…

    Maybe we didn’t think this through.”

    • Or otherwise we the BCTF are demanding that government treats us as special and give us the freedom to exploit the taxpayer unfettered for what ever we want. The Labour Relations Board is NOT qualified to deal with the greed of the BCTF!

  5. Peter Cameron in response today to news media questions appears totally inept with comments such as “Tweaking” is needed with revisions to be made to the letter to the BCTF.
    It gives BC Taxpayers substantiation of poor ill prepared Education negotiator in representing the Govt’s position and lock out statement.
    Why have taxpayers not heard from Minister of Education Fassbender?

    In my opinion it is totally wrong to be negotiating and conduct bargaining in the news media rather than at the table behind closed doors where it belongs.

  6. For this Cameron is paid over $200,000????

    How does he or Christy expect that the June 24 provincial exam will be marked if we’re locked out on June 25, 26, and 27? They can’t be marked in only 45 minutes after school!