First Nations leader: consultation lacking on LNG

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The Union of Indian Chiefs calls it “hypocrisy” when the Premier says there’s been a lot of consultation with First Nations on LNG.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip says when Christy Clark first assumed the party leadership, the relationship between the First Nations people and her government was placed on the back burner.

Phillip says during the last election there was little reference to First Nations issues, and he says that sentiment continues…

“There is no engagement of First Nations people, no consultation. In my mind it’s absolute hypocrisy to sit up there and suggest there is a deep engagement of First Nations in the Province of B-C.”

Phillip was part of a sold-out Vancouver conference focused on LNG where Clark was a speaker.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip



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  1. Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, this well respected man really know how to articulate the reasoning behind the Lies of Christy Clark and he will be no pushover for the BC Liberals. This Government will have to go through him and his people before any LNG will happen through their Territories!

  2. I would welcome Grand Chief Stewart Phillip becoming our provincial Premier, (if that was only possible) . Level heads stand out. Sincerity, scruples and a sense of nationhood are qualities non existent in our current Liberal government.

  3. If the government desides to do some thing , weather ileagle , or against human rights ,
    there is nothing stopping them from doing what they want , Shakeing a rattle or pounding a drum won’t help . But catching them in their lies that shows them as incompatent as they are .