Feds announce renewal of gas tax agreement

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Feds announce renewal of gas tax agreement

The Federal Government is calling it a “renewal” of the gas tax agreement.

M-P James Moore has announced the Federal government, the Province and municipalities have reached agreement on a new, ten year gas tax agreement that will see B-C receive 2.7-billion-dollars.

“We’ve taken a fund that was strong and we’ve doubled it, we’ve indexed it, we’ve made it permanent, we’ve worked with UBCM, we’ve worked with the FCM, we’ve worked with provinces across the country to come up with a formula that will mean more infrastructure dollars for B-C than ever before in Canada’s history.”

Municipalities will use the money to improve infrastructure.


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    • And you don’t think that the feds helped out with the Canada line? How about the highway projects that have been built in several parts of BC in the last few years?
      Really.I think you need to read the budgets more carefully.

    • And where do you suppose that money came from Trev? Either borrowed from China or printed by the Fed . . . to prop up the almost Bankrupt state of Cali.
      Perhaps you also have a plan for the USA to pay back their soon to be 20 TRILLION dollar federal Debt ?

  1. I’d be a lot more impressed if they had come to an agreement as to how to lower gas taxes,rather than just an agreement as to how to share all of those confiscated dollars between themselves.
    And lower energy costs would have the additional benefit of actually helping people and industry grow the economy.There is no good reason why Canadians should be paying so much more for fuel than the people in Washington State are paying.I can accept paying a little bit more.But what we’re paying now is “gouging” by our governments,and the very reason that I buy most of my gas and take most of my camping vacations in the USA.

  2. People of Coquitlam , Do not trust Moore he would sell you down the road for his personal gain. He is a Harperite Yes man, this announcement wouldn’t have anything to do with an election?

    • So Paul . . . what you are saying . . . the folks in Coquitlam were OK when Chretien was giving you NONE of the Federal Gas Tax . . .
      but now you are unhappy receiving the largest giveback ever ?
      You are obviously part of the unhinged left . . . yes !

    • Paul, paul, paul . . . guess you forgot about Chretien promising to eliminate same . . . yes ?

      Didn’t Harper reduce the GST by 2% . . . just as he promised ?

      Harper is the best PM Canada has had in 40 years . . . not perfect by any stretch . . . but certainly the best since Deif and Pearson . . .