UPDATED: Bus driver says video of Langley bus attack is misleading and he did more than people think to help end the violent episode

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UPDATED: Bus driver says video of Langley bus attack is misleading and he did more than people think to help end the violent episode

The union representing a bus driver involved in Tuesday’s assault case in Langley says the man acted quickly and correctly to ensure the safety of passengers.

Unifor local 111 president Nathan Woods says the bus driver is very upset that inaccurate information has misrepresented his role in acting quickly and appropriately to end a violent situation and ensure the safety of all passengers.

Woods says a short 20-second cell phone video only records a very small portion of this incident resulting in some blame he didn’t do enough.

It was a violent episode where a female passenger threatened a mother and her three children.

Woods says the driver moved fast to separate the two women and the children and get the instigator off of the bus.

The accused, Leah MacKay was arrested at her home Wednesday and has since been charged with assault and uttering threats.

A psychiatric assessment has been ordered for the accused who already has a long criminal record.

WARNING: the video is profanity-laced and violent.

Video Courtesy of VancityBuzz.


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  1. And the driver stands there and watches.After all the complaints of driver attacks I thought there would be a little more empathy on the drivers part.No one else did a thing either? I would never hit a woman but that was no woman.I would have dragged her off the bus by her greasy hair and held her on the curb until the police showed up.Shame on all the bystanders

  2. Hello everyone. I’d like to add a little context and information from TransLink on this matter.

    Anytime there is violence on transit it a serious matter. This is an extremely rare occurrence in the context of 1.2 million transit rides per day. The transit operator did exactly what he was instructed to do. He pulled the bus to a safe location, opened the doors, and directed passengers to exit the bus. He then reported the incident to our transit control room. Langley RCMP then took over the matter.

    Our job is to safely move people to their destinations, and our drivers are not trained to intervene in altercations between passengers. Taking this kind of action could make matters worse and could even compromise the safety of other passengers. Our security officers patrol key bus routes and transit hubs to maintain safety and security for operators and customers.

    In addition, our Transit Police have over 165 sworn officers and over 65 civilian support staff providing service to the Metro Vancouver area. We would like to remind the public that if they see something, say something. When passengers see unacceptable behavior or are concerned about safety, they should contact Transit Police by texting at 87-77-77. Langley RCMP are in charge of the investigation and TransLink is providing any assistance the police require.

  3. It does look bad but it is only part of the story from my information from inside Transit. Cut the driver some slack.

    1. The passenger that looks like the “bad guy” was actually defending herself and children.
    2. The driver is NOT trained to deal with these events on a physical level.
    3. I lead and work in teams at various venues in a security role part time and rarely do we act without a partner to back you up.
    4. We get annual training of approx 32 hours in defensive skills, both verbal and physical. Plus we do have the experience of 500 hours plus a year.
    5. One of these parties actually had a knife , that will get you very hurt or dead quickly.
    6. That said, had I been there I probably would have acted to separate the parties at a minimum, and it would have started by verbal commands , people actually respond more than you would think , we do it all the time, but I also have a physical interaction with some one about every 3 months , most drivers and the general public have never ever been in a fight.
    7. I wasn’t there and nor was anyone else who seems to have an opinion on this. 20 second cell phone clips never tell the story of a entire incident.

    I am told that drivers are given some conflict management training and are to follow a procedure , it appears that is what this Driver did.

    Most of the Media did a less that stellar job of explaining the entire event.