Provincial Government getting closer to asking public about tolling

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Provincial Government getting closer to asking public about tolling

BC’s Transportation Minister says they are getting ready to move forward with a review of the Province’s tolling policy.

Minister Todd Stone says the finishing touches are being put on the framework and approach that will be used to get public input and feedback on tolls.

He says it’s an important part of the ten year transportation plan.

He says, “Another important ingredient is whatever the Mayors’ Council comes forward with in their plan. They are responsible for the Pattullo Bridge, for example, obviously the Golden Ears Bridge as well.”

Stone says both those bridges and others are potential tolling situations.

The plan from the Mayors is expected in the few weeks.


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    • Be careful what you wish for ,if they install the technology to toll all the bridges at a reasonable rate how long before they start raising the toll rate 25, 50, $ 1.00 soon the tolls on all the bridges would be $3.00 per trip.
      Do you really trust these politicians and Translink executives.
      Oh Please !

  1. I would like to know why on Bridges across the Fraser are subject to tolls. How about we put a $1 toll on all the bridges and a 5$5 toll on the sea to sky and a $5 toll for the island highway.
    I travel between Coquitlam and the Valley regularly and have taken to using the Pattullo and the new rim road or Misson Bridge for cheap Gas in Missiom/Silvermire..
    So the tolls are forcing the public to get around the issue.

  2. Note the story about Delta southlands immediately prior to this where Metro Vancouver admits to trying to persuade government.

    They will do it again on this one because tolls are a cash cow.

    50 years agou they put freeways to Hope and to the border. There were no tolls and there was NO DEFICIT and NO DEBT despite far fewer taxpayers.

    Ask yourself what has changed.
    The growth of admiinstration is killing us.
    The name change from GVRD to Metro alone cost almost $ 100 million

  3. Kimberly. I don’t think anything is simple for Toddy.
    hh. You are almost correct.

    There were tolls on The Lions Gate and Oak street bridges. As well as the Deas Island tunnel. I know I am showing my age by calling it “The Deas Island Tunnel”.
    There were also tolls on many other bridges etc.

    One of WAC Bennet’s campaign promises for the 1964 election was to remove them. Which he did. And also promised that there would never be another toll on a bridge, tunnel or highway as long as there was a free enterprise government in control of Victoria.
    He also said that the BC Ferries were part of the highway system.

    Boy how times change!!

  4. Bridge and Road tolls are regressive and limit mobility. There should be zero tolls. Tolls are a hardship for those in lower income brackets, plus add to the cost of living through higher commercial transportation costs.


  5. They are going to ask some one what they think , what a farce , they dictate with a stupid spin
    on every thing , and will screw you as much as they can , than they wonder why no one want any thing to do with them . Why not find another way to pay for these bridges , instead of ripping every one off .
    Start making these big Corperations pay their share of the taxes , like Banks , make billions every year for what 4% ?

  6. I rememer when I had to pay toll going to North Shore on Lions Gate bridge. Then the bridge was declared paid for and toll were lifted. I suppose car licence plate road taxes adn fuel taxes paid for other bridges too. Even the Kokahalla Highway got paid off eventually.

    So WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING tha is STILL collected from licence plate and fuel taxes? BC motorists are paying, VGRD motorist paying even more inluding Transit Tax, taxes are increasing constantly but it is never appear to be enough. WHERE does all the money going? What happens when a project is paid off but the taxes are still coming in? BC motorists who mostly DO NOT LIKE TO DRIVE but still must get to their workplace have enough of taxes by now. The UNELECTED Transit Authority better start to learn there’s a limit how much taxes motorists are willing to put up with without getting any benefits, only more taxes and DEMANDS for ever more of our money.

  7. Toll them all – every last bridge that spans ANY water! Tolls should be no more than a dollar.

    Don’t forget the Lions Gate! I am sure all the well-to-do’s will just love that come election time! But by then I am sure the BC Liberals will have raised all the tolls to $3.00 or more!

    How about we toll Christy Clark every time she says “Yous Guys”. We can call it the hillbilly tax!

  8. If tolls come to all bridges then there will be far fewer cars on the road and we will go deeper in debt.

    Before you environmentalists say…”that’s the plan” let it be known that I drive a Tesla and bicyles sure didn’t pay for my bridge.

  9. Gotta get rid of trans link and let politicians do what we’re paying them to do they should in the legislature full time. And get a premier with some backbone and get some of our gas taxes for roads transit etc