Premier says a deal can still be reached in teacher’s strike

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Premier says a deal can still be reached in teacher's strike

Premier Christy Clark says she likes the idea of forcing both sides in BC’s teachers’ dispute to lock themselves in a room until a deal is FINALLY reached.

She says, “I think that’s a great idea.”

Clark called CKNW’s brother station CFOX this morning, and Morning Show host Jeff O’Neil quickly asked her why bargaining with the BC Teachers Federation has dragged out as long as it has.

She says, “I think, if we could sit down in a room and just stay there and get this thing bargained, that’s the best possible outcome.”

Clark went on to criticize union leaders for escalating job action days after government negotiators abandoned their push for a ten year contract.

She says a deal can be reached before the rotating strikes begin, if both sides bargain in good faith.



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  1. “She says a deal can be reached before the rotating strikes begin, if both sides bargain in good faith.”

    This after being accused, and the courts substantiating the liberal government has been bargaining in bad faith. Believe what you want people. Voters make their beds and must sleep in them.

  2. If both sides bargain in good faith? Well premier,you NEVER bargained in good faith with the Teacher’s .The mess and distrust of government that you caused and now fasstbender is carrying your torch.

  3. Well, I’m not as positive as the Premier. The BCTF has a huge axe to grind and likely has no intention of settling anything. They have far to much power than they should have and still want more. This union isn’t even thinking of teachers any more and won’t stop their endless tantrum until even more teachers jump ship. I hope I’m wrong, but I can’t even see them agreeing with todays weather.

    • Why do they resist binding arbitration? If their objectives are reasonable, why not let an independent arbitrator decide? Only bad faith negotiators resist and unbiased arbitrator. Bring Reading Back!

        • An Arbitrator can impose a contract in excess of one year. Don’t understand your thinking????? This way the outrageous wage demands can be addressed by an independent person and the issue of class composition and size determined once and for all – no more court proceedings or legislation. How is that not a win?

          • The key word is “impose”. I can just hear the TF in a few months whining that they lost out and use it for sympathy in the next negotiations again. I can’t see an arbitrator stopping the court action. But I agree it would be better than legislation though.

  4. So now she’s taken to negotiating with disc jockeys and talk show hosts? How sad this person is. Her creds really come to the fore on a complicated issue. Someone who didn’t have the fortitude to finish her degree at SFU. She quit instead. Our own sad version of Sarah Palin. About as sharp as well.

      • Oh sure, the one that’s as deep as a bird bath. Why I can see Russia from my livin’ room. Sheesh. Her 15 minutes were up a long time ago. She’s now the sound of the cat on the spin cycle.

        • You know, L, if you did a little homework you would find that the whole “I can see Russia from my deck” thing comes from an SNL skit. What Ms. Palin actually said was that “Russia can be seen from parts of Alaska because it is only 15 miles across the straight.” She also said in 2008 that Putin would be moving into the Ukraine. But people like you who can’t be bothered to look things up and prefer to just ‘parrot” things are the bigger fools.

          • There is a reason that Palin the media whore is a punch line. If you mean look up as in Fox news then you already have your mind made up. This is a person that quit as Guv of Alaska part way through her term. Why? Conventional wisdom has it that she could make more coin doing the talk show routine. Fox news has dumped her, her reality TV show was cancelled, she has no following other than twitter and FB, and you are calling her right because she made a lucky guess with a 50% chance of getting it right. She had you when she winked and said you betcha.

  5. Crusty sure acts like she knows what she’s talking about, doesn’t she? I mean, she fooled the majority (not me, and no, I didn’t vote NDP either) into voting her and her fiberal cronies back into their power trip. Shut up Crusty, your stupid is showing.

      • BC Conservatives… if the fiberal plants hadn’t gotten into the party and stirred the pot, they would have given the fibs a run for their money. Oh Well. We have a new party leader, one who actually understands the working man. But, for now, we’re stuck with crusty and the SS Fiberal! Grab a life vest everyone.

        • Seriously? The liberals were able infiltrate the BC Cons and mess them up so bad they weren’t able to actually campaign? That’s kinda sad.

          Good luck trying to keep those BC cons from getting so confused next time.

  6. The BCTF will have to lower their wage demand. The problem is they have created this myth about being better than the other union members and they need a higher wage increase to prove. One teacher said they should be treated like doctors or lawyers, and the other unions are more in line with people working at McDonalds. Pretty hard to get beyond that type of mentality

      • I can’t remember a contract negotiation when the BCTF started out with that though. The first out of their mouths is ALWAYS wages. The other “distractions” like class sizes are thrown in only when the public suggests it’s all about money in their pockets.

    • Are you suggesting all people in all unions should be paid the same? You aren’t making much sense. What is this “myth about being better than other union members”? Each sector in society is paid commenserate with their education and with what the salary for the profession is. It is very complex (and often not fair) as to what the rates are. Would teachers like to be paid like lawyers or doctors, sure, but they realize that is not the going rate.

      Teachers compare themselves to other teachers in First World countries and to other teachers in Canada. Right now, BC teachers are well below what teachers are being paid in the rest of Canada.

      • Teachers are already well paid in both salary and benefits and require nothing more than a COLA lift. What other Provinces provide is not applicable; if teachers see a better deal then they should move, however there is no evidence of that happening.

      • No, what was said was all Public Sector Unions should get the same increase.
        How you can turn that into all Union should be paid the same is beyond belief.
        Are you a negotiator for the BCTF?

      • No, I said higher wage increase as in percentage. The idea the teachers must always be increasing the distance between them and other unions. The BCTF keeps trying to pretend they something more than an union.

        And yes, teachers often compare themselves to professionals such as lawyer and doctors. I recall on teacher being rather shocked to find out the doctors spent more than 5 years in school, beyond high school that is.

      • It’s in the comment section of the CBC, go have a look. And it was a teacher that was speaking on behalf of the BCTF, trying to example that teachers aren’t like those other unions who could just as well be working at McDonalds.

  7. She says, “Negotiate in good faith”? My god after two supreme court rulings that they were breaking the law while negotiating, proof that they were trying to provoke a strike, and now threatening to lock teachers out and dock pay if they don’t come to a settlement, she says this?

    This is the height of hypocritical. For the people saying that the teachers need to lower anything, please realize that the teachers have come to 2 previous agreements for 0% raises. Also realize that the teachers of BC are among the lowest paid in the country (Saskatchewan teachers are now paid up to $10,000/yr more).

    Without all that, the fact that BC students are funded at $1000/yr lower than the national average shows how Christy’s BC Liberals have strangled the public education system while she sends her kid to private school.

    • Bryan, you Teachers sure like to use the “Supreme Court ruling” thing ……. I don’t count it too much as it was the same Judge in both cases. She couldn’t very well go against the Teachers in the second case as it would make her look stupid re the ruling in the first case. It would have more weight, in my books, if it was two different Judges.

  8. Bargain in good faith? Maybe once the money wasting Supreme Court appeal is dropped. Maybe once she speaks truthfully. For example, listening to the Premier say that they had given the teachers what they want by dropping from a 10 year agreement to 6. The teachers have asked for a 4 year term. Movement yes, true they have given what the teachers want? No. Example, schools get more money now that in the past. While this is true it is no where near adequate to pay for the CUPE contract (no funds given) BCESIS, Carbon Tax , etc. etc. I am very tired hearing the same half truths. For true peace both sides should be forced into BINDING ARBITRATION by the public.

    • The BCPSEA (Taxpayer) has increased their wage offer a couple of times. Came off the 10 year deal, that they were mandated to go for. Offered a signing bonus.

      What has the Union offered.

      • Dwight, I applaud the teachers for refusing the signing bonus bribe!

        The court cases dealt with class composition and class size – I understand that is the striking point for BCPSEA. Class composition and size is important to the learning environment of a student. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get that!

  9. Of course a deal can be reached once the BCTF stops their demand to take over the education system through their flawed contract demands and ultra high wage and benefit demands. Salary increases must not be any greater than COLA lift based on the last contract. Benefits are already golden. The issue of class size and composition MUST NOT be included in any labour contract.

    Once the BCTF gets off their high horse, maybe an agreement might be achieved. But the BCTF is so arrogant that will never happen. Arbitration is not recommended.

    • Absolutely! Arbitration will just become a lose lose and we’ll be here again in no time. Let’s finally end the war. This Liberal government has a clear mandate to get it done.

    • What was the COLA over the last several years for teachers? Well, if you are getting 0%, you’re actually at a loss over that period of time due to inflation. By your logic, the teachers should get a COLA for the upcoming contract years and then some extra as a catch up for what they lost.

  10. Snooky has diddly squat to smile about. This morning, she gets on with the old hippies, and makes a giddy beer maid of herself, then attempts the LNG folly, with Russia will supply the north, we’ll do the south? What about Australia. I truly feel she should have her Dr. adjust her meds.
    And Fastbender was a token last ditch effort, as no one wanted the job, and he wanted the increase in $. What does he know about teaching? Zero! Labour Law, Zero!. Bargaining in good faith? Zero! Unfair labour practises? He and his Putinistic fellow Liberals could write a book, thicker than Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Have a nice day, Snooky, and Pete.

  11. Typical CKNW. The story that they put up about the StatsCan report that BC teachers are on the low end of salary scale won’t allow comments. Bill Good must have lost his lunch on that one.