Parents asked to give input on education

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Parents asked to give input on education

A website has gone up to gather information from concerned parents about the state of BC’s education system.

Lisa Cable, a parent in the Tri-Cities, says there is a clear disconnect in the education system especially where it concerns funding.

Cable says she wants to gather input from parents, whose voice is often missing in the education debate, and take it to the legislature.

“We have had lots of people going to the website but we haven’t had as much input as we would like. That is why we are trying give this a push right now. There is a couple things we want people to know. There is a contingent, I don’t know how many or who that is yet, going to Victoria next week. So we do have a bit of a deadline if people want to share there stories. We are going on Wednesday so we would like people to share by Tuesday.”

She says the gathered information will be anonymous.

“And also that the only part of the message that will ever be shared is just what they type in that message box. If they don’t put any personal information or even where they live or what there job is it remains anonymous. We want people to know you can write what you like without fear of repercussion if that is what they are afraid of.”

Cable says both sides of the education argument need to grow up and move past the blame game.

“All the parties involved, and there is many, are stuck in that pointing the finger, and blame, and it is not my problem stage. We are saying get over it. The rest of us have to do it in our lives everyday at work and at home you need to do it. It is what we have elected you to do. Put all of those things aside, sit down at the table, be reasonable, be logical, and think about the children that are involved in the education system.”

The website is


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  1. Why would the parents think for one split second that snookums and her ilk would give a rats a$$ what parents think?

    After all, this is not an election year!!