Premier downplays Russia-China LNG deal

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Premier downplays Russia-China LNG deal

After telling an international conference on Liquefied Natural Gas expanding that industry will help strengthen BC’s economy, the Premier is downplaying the significance of a 400-billion dollar deal Russia has made to sell LNG to China, for 30 years.

“I’ve never said that BC would be the only supplier of natural gas to any country.”

Christy Clark says she believes British Columbia is a more ‘reliable’ source of LNG than Russia.

“You know, we’ve certainly seen the way that Russia likes to do business these days. I think being honourable, being trustworthy, providing the assurance that we are not going to play politics with energy. I think that’s worth a lot to our potential customers out there, especially China.”

Saying the deal with Russia isn’t new, Clark adds she’s confident at least two deals to sell China LNG from this province can be finalized by the end of this year.


  1. What the hell would snookums know about natural gas?

    Again, if she is so sure this will happen and pay off ALL THE DEBT THAT THE LIE BERALS have created like she said it would, how about her and THE MINISTER OF NATURAL GAS and doughnuts put up all their assets. And if it doesn’t come to more than 25% of what snookums say’s it will, they loose everything.

    I mean, come on, 25% of her natural gas that she is expelling every time she moves her lips would certainly be a number that would be met with no trouble.

  2. Russia stole Christy’s thunder!

    By the time we get any LNG to market, the market value will be so low we will have lost money building and investing in this industry – that is the people of BC’s money she is going to lose.

    Christy should stick with just beating up the teachers! She seems to do that really well!

  3. What else is Ms Premier going to say ? That her customers are shopping around for the best deals ? That we are going to end up taking a rock bottom deal like we did with the long term coal supply (o China ? That we are way behind the othe LNG producers and will end up with the customers they don’t want ?

  4. Right, so we feed the Communist Chinese at the risk of polluting/ damaging our environment. Either it’s nonsense or utter foolish naïveté on her part. China is not our friend or ally, so why would we help them?

  5. Ha Ha HA ….. do you really think that CHINA HIGHER UPS ARE going to deal with a WOMEN
    .. instead of PUTIN…. Give me a break….And there is not even a terminal or ships yet…
    Nothing but a LIEBERAL pipe dream.. Go Snookie Go…

      • We have enough natural gas for 200 years . . .

        Back in the 50s folks at Popular Mechanics and other thought we would have flying cars by the 80s and 90s . . . we know how well that worked out.

        A replacement for fossil fuels is much more complicated . . . it may happen in the next 50 years . . . but I suspect it may be much longer.
        Wind and solar you say ? ? ? How is that working out for Ontario and Spain . . . 10 to 20 times the cost, unreliable and a massive Job Killer !

  6. Actually, it is somewhat good news to the BC consumer that Russia has signed a $400 billion agreement to supply China for natural gas over 30 years.

    The Russia-China agreement will lower the global price for natural gas. That means it will not cost as much for British Columbians to heat their homes because the domestic price of natural gas will not increase as previously forecast. Anyone who thought BC consumers will continue to enjoy a low domestic price is dreaming in technicolour.

    Secondly, the Russia-China agreement should reduce China’s appetite for dirty thermal coal. By burning natural gas, China will be able to reduce its carbon foot print. Here at home, perhaps the economics of shipping US thermal coal through White Rock, Surrey and Delta to FSD will no longer make sense because of lower Chinese demand for dirty thermal coal. That may reduce the number of coal trains that carry dirty US coal.

    The bad news is that the Russia-China deal will mean BC will sell at least 386 billion cubic less of natural gas to Asian markets. Oh, Japan will restart its nuclear power plants as it cannot agfford to continue to pay high LNG prices. There is now more uncertainty in the LNG market-demand and price-wise). Christy’s rosy LNG forecasts have just reduced the value of our potential LNG industry from $1 trillion to $600 billion dollars. That’s 40 percent!

    Which now puts considerable doubt in her promise of a debt-free BC. One good thing is that a lot of us are not terribly disappointed because we never believed the election promise of a debt-free BC anyways.

  7. Very reminiscent of the Gordon Campbell/Cronies “run of river” hydro projects. The public is forced to pay rates well above those that California are paying for the same electricity. We dump it to them. Our government thumps it to us. Thank Gordon Campbell. He erred on the side of keeping cronies in wealth. Was he wrong? Seems to me he’s done alright. Wining and dining in the British Capital and having folks call him Gov. I’d say he’s in his glory.