Employer tells teachers wage cuts are coming next week

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BC’s striking teachers have been served notice by the employer that there wages will be rolled back and they will be locked out.

In a letter from the employer, BCPSEA, teachers have been put on notice to expect a five-percent wage cut on Monday, and if they walk off the job that jumps to ten-percent.

Teachers will set up picket lines Monday in the first day of four days of rotating strikes.

The employer will also lock high school teachers out June 25th and 26th before a BC wide lock out of all teachers on the 27th.

It says in the letter the teachers union’s wage demands are four times higher than any other public sector union.

BCPSEA adds the teachers union’s class size and composition demands would mean a two-billion-dollar a year hit.

Teachers will not be allowed to work or interact with students on any break and cannot be at school or leave school any later than 45 minutes before or after class.

The two sides will also be in front of the Labout Relations Board May 29th on the wage cuts issue.

BCTF President Jim Iker will respond in a 9:30 news conference set for Thursday morning but the unions is already telling CKNW the letter means “sweeping and wide ranging impacts” to BC’s education system.

You can read the letter from BCPSEA in full HERE 


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  1. Wage cuts are entirely reasonable where there is a drop in service level; the amount of the cuts is questionable. Appears the parties would rather go to court and waste money, time, and good will to reach an agreement. Why can’t these clowns agree to arbitration? Arbitrate, rather than litigate!

    • Garp. Good for you! You have added your voice calling for binding arbitration.

      The problem is that the government is afraid that an arbitrator will decide in favour of the teachers’ final offer-not the governments.

      Truckers obviously receive greater respect from Christy. Christy was front and centre and took credit for resolving the strike.

      Remember her words when the truckers went back to work?

      “It’s better to negotiate rather than fight!”

      • From my perspective, the party with the most unreasonable position will fear an independent review; is that the BCTF or the Government. Let’s see which party publicly asks for binding arbitration. I’m tired of this gong show – let’s get it done!

    • Someone forgot to tell our new Education Minister that public schools close for the summer holidays.

      This morning Fassbender was claiming that a 10 -year agreement with teachers was always thought to be possible considering that the RCMP and the province were able to sign a 20-year contract.

      Someone forgot to tell Fassbender that the 20-year contract was negotiated between two levels of government and was not a collective agreement between an employer and an union.

      No wonder we can’t get this impasse resolved. He was an observer during in the RCMP negotiations and still thinks he is one in this dispute. He is confused as to his real role.

  2. When people home school their children, the children don’t have to miss school because of labour disputes. Class sizes are also smaller and the teacher actually has a vested interest in the child’s success. The best thing is that the teacher’s union and the government don’t have the opportunity to socially engineer the children.

    If you have two hours of free time in a day, you can more than cover the academic portion of schooling that a public school covers in a day. If you don’t think you’re smart enough to teach your own children, think again because you can purchase curricula that are better than what they are spoon feeding your children in school. You can actually help your children get excited about learning.

    You don’t have to be held hostage by the unions and government using you and your children as pawns. Get out of the system while you can and give your children a real opportunity to succeed.

  3. Micah, what happens when your child gets to upper level courses? Are you able to teach physics, chemistry, mathematics? I think home teaching is admirable; however I worry the affective development of home schooled children is seriously endangered. What do you do or plan to do to address these issues?

    • There are upper level courses and resources available to all people of all ages that are far superior to your typical grade 11 or 12 classroom. There are textbook-based courses, online courses, tutors, etc.. Also, a child who is old enough to be learning things too complicated for a parent to help them understand is almost certainly old enough to take an adult night school or community college course. Rather than being forced to take the only physics course offered by their high school, the student and parents are free to find the resources that work for that particular student. Homeschooling doesn’t mean the parent has to know everything about every possible subject.

  4. In a perfect world I would have loved and would love to be home schooling my children as I feel that they would benefit in many ways,especially by not being subjected to the many vices that are now so prevelant in our schools. But I do not have that luxury and have to rely on the public system to aid in getting my kids through the education system. Teachers have their hands tied in many ways as to what can and cannot be taught to our children. They are also not allowed to fail a child anymore. The child is ferried through and the next teacher in line has to work at getting the child back on track. We are doing our children and our society a diservice by not giving them the education they need to be players on the world stage. We should all be working together to make education an important part of our society…parents, educators, governments. It’s a team effort.

  5. So I guess this means that I will have to tell my students that I am not allowed to let them continue to write their tests into lunch time? Who came up with this bright idea? Obviously someone who has no clue what goes on in schools. This must be the same person who figures I am doing 5% less work because I am talking to my principal face to face rather than by email and teaching classes longer rather than going to a staff meeting. (Nice because I would rather be teaching than in a meeting anyway).

  6. Teachers are not withdrawing 10% of services. It actually equates to barely 1%. This is why the government is now DIRECTING teachers to do less work… So that they can justify the wage rollback! Parents, how do you feel about teachers being DIRECTED by their employer to do less? Will you be getting good value for your tax dollar?

  7. I can’t believe what I’m reading. The EMPLOYER does that mean some how the governments hands aren’t all over this. Sounds like totalitarian heavy handed regime to me.
    Wage roll backs. I think this government is breaking the law again. If they stop spending money on the judiciary. We won’t find out for another five years or so. By that time our right will be eroded to near non.

  8. Fire them all. There is literally tens of thousands of new teachers that can’t find work. If a baby sitter is paid more than 50,000 per year, it is too much. Tax payers are taxed too much now. Legislate some – how now and lets move on.

  9. Closing out teachers on the last three days of the school year. The sound you hear is teachers rejoicing in a three-days-longer summer break.

    The reason this government does not want to go to arbitration is that the last two times this was done, the arbitrator ruled in the teachers’ favour. Clark and Fassbender don’t want to lose again. They’ve already lost twice in court (and will lose on their appeal, too).

  10. Very dumb remark, Big! It is thanks to teachers, at all levels, that societies advance, and knowledge gets carried on, otherwise we would still be in cave-age. Weed out the lazy / incompetent teachers- yes! But fire them all- dumb comment!

  11. Where are you going to get 15% wage hikes and who’s going to pay for it? If my taxes go up, it better go to Health care or to pay for the Port Mann bridge
    If teachers want more money, go to Alberta or become a nurse.
    I thought the students weren’t going to get affected this year, BS.
    Where can you work 10 months a year and get the summer off and Christmas holidays and lots of 4 day weeks. WHINERS

    • Where are you going to get 15% wage hikes and who’s going to pay for it? If my taxes go up, it better go to Teachers or to pay for the sidewalk outside my house.
      If sicamosse1 doesn’t like it, he can move to Alberta and become a nun.

  12. Wow! Mr. Cameron is asking teachers to “not interact with their students during breaks”. Seriously? This is sounding more totalitarian every day. So he is going to take away teachers freedom of speech. Give your head a shake, Mr. Cameron. Honestly, how are you going to police this one and why such a silly demand? Probably, to justify the 10% wage cut. He is literally asking teachers to do less. Parents, how do you feel about this? It’s definitely time for a binding arbitrator!