Do people empathize too much over pets?

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Do people empathize too much over pets?

While some may think that’s the case, Peter Fricker with the Vancouver Humane Society says there are more people who are genuinely concerned with animal rights.

“I think that has to do with the changing position of dogs and other domestic animals in terms of their relationship with humans. Many years ago, dogs were left outside in the dog house, now they are part of families and I think that is a trend that is going to continue.”

His comments come in light of the tragic death of six dogs who died of heat stroke while in the care of dog walker, Emma Paulsen.
While no charges have been laid, Paulsen is paying the price.
The owner of the horse stable where Emma Paulsen rode is refusing to let her come back.
Former owners of the horse Paulsen bought have reclaimed the horse, saying they wanted to get to it before the SPCA did.


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  1. empathize too much ? hell no. my wife and I are empty nesters and last year we invited a small fur kid into our life. he has brought a lot of joy into our home and should anything happen to him we would be devastated.

  2. Empathize too much over pets.To some their pets are everything,I see the love of a pet owner, that is usually means a very good hearted individual. The pet haters are out there ,would never understand the love between a Dog and their owners.You can say that some people do not look after or clean up their pets crap, but that is a very small minority and ruin it for everyone but that is the way in BC. My heart goes out to the one’s that lost their beloved member of their family, in this tragedy .