Green party MLA says Russia China LNG deal big trouble for BC

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Green party MLA says Russia China LNG deal big trouble for BC

As Premier Christy Clark downplays the impacts to BC as Russia and China sign a 400-billion dollar LNG deal, the Green Party’s lone MLA says it is a nail in the coffin of BC’s LNG plans.

Andrew Weaver says the deal throws a massive roadblock in front of Premier Christy Clark’s LNG plans.

“It is pretty clear to me this is if not a nail in the coffin it is certainly troubling for the proposed LNG industry in BC. We are way behind. We have to liquify it Russia just has to pipe it. Russia has about twenty times the Natural Gas than all of Canada combined. It is a lot closer to China. To think we somehow have this niche market in there is a little unreasonable.”

Weaver says the Premier’s LNG “pipedream” fails to factor in not only Russia but “Then the next question comes in okay well we have got Australia, very close to China, producing vast quanitities of Natural Gas particularily from the Queensland fields, which are coming onstream. The US has about three times the Natural Gas supply of all of Canada combined and they are ready to go on LNG particularily with the widening of the Panama canal.”

Weaver says the BC Government has gone all in on what he calls a “hail mary” LNG scheme.

“We are way behind. To think that somehow we are going to have 100,000 jobs, a $100 billion prosperity fund, no PST, a thriving health care, and education sectors, and a trillion dollar hit to our GDP on an industry that may or may not happen. It is bad governance. It is bad policy and it is bad economics. The uncertainty is huge.”

Weaver says the province has no back up plan and it better get cracking on putting one together.


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  1. Wow is this guy a real downer nothing like hoping for the best of your province. This Green Party is a farce a bunch of salad eating do gooders. The premier is a least trying to sale our resources to try and better our province LNG will be a success china and other countries around the world will be investing and selling LNG. The Green Party should be trying to help with the sale of LNG it’s a greener source of energy LNG will be the power of the future Mr.Weaver needs to relax and smell the salad.ive got to get back to my truck and deliver a load of fracking sand making big money thanks

  2. This Goof and the rest of the Never Dummer Party could maybe sit and drink sage tea, around a bunson burner in the forest and cook marsh-mellows. I am sure all the public servants could then get there 10% wage hikes and gold plated pensions on the backs of us real tax payers.

  3. Typical of the left and greens, this guy wants to bail on LNG because there is competition. Not only does he think we can not compete, he doesn’t want to bother. The LNG industry will be funded largely from private money, so people who are accountable to investors,etc will be the ones who will have to make this work. The left and greens prefer monopolies, and unless an industry is a monopoly, they just can’t follow how it can succeed.

    He is asking for alternatives, but provides none. We can’t all sit at university with a pipe in our mouth, musing over sustainability. We need to find things to produce that someone wants to buy.

  4. Big Environment and the anti-everything crowd have been doing their damnedest to crap on every aspect of expansion of the LNG industry in the province. Delay tactics land a running negative commentary are a big part of it. So I’m hoping we get one or two plants up an running.

  5. Andrew the failed weather computer modeller from U Vic has an opinion?

    Somehow a single pipeline from Russia to China is going to solve ALL of China’s energy problems. Wow ! ! ! Maybe you should ask the Euros, especially the Poles and Ukrainians how well that has worked out.

    The Watermellon party is even more dangerous than the Dippers . . . Green on the outside, Red on the inside. This is Grandstanding at best from the IPCC guy who told us the Arctic would be Ice Free by TODAY ! ! !