UPDATE: Missing dogs found dead, walker suspected of negligence

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UPDATE: Missing dogs found dead, walker suspected of negligence

A shocking twist to the case about the dogs in Langley that were reported missing last week, they are dead.
Corporal Holly Marks with Langley RCMP has confirmed the dogs’ bodies have been found in Abbotsford.
Marks says it appears they died of heat exhaustion in the back of the dog walker’s vehicle.

“We often hear about animals that perhaps perished in a vehicle because of the heat or people that find dogs in a vehicle where it’s getting too hot, but never in relation to a dog walker and never six of them”

Earlier reports from Pet Searchers Canada indicate the dogs died in the van of the dog walker who claims the vents were open and there was access to water.
It’s alleged she panicked and covered up the real story with one about the dogs having been stolen.

Many dog owners in Brookswood Park are having a hard time coping with the news of the deceased dogs.

“I think she should definitely have to pay for all of the search efforts, and I would like to see her get some jail time.”
“I think she should be charged, I think she should be sued by these families, absolutely.”
“The lady didn’t have anything so what are they going to get? What they don’t have, is they don’t have their dog.”

No charges have been laid at this time, and following allegations of animal cruelty, the SPCA has taken conduct of the investigation.


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  1. In order for this person to be convicted of cruelty to animals, the crown would have to prove that the person’s neglect was done wilfully.

    Sec. 429(1) of CCC states:
    Every one who causes the occurrence of an event by doing an act or by omitting to do an act that it is his duty to do, knowing that the act or omission will probably cause the occurrence of the event and being reckless whether the event occurs or not, shall be deemed, for the purposes of this Part, wilfully to have caused the occurrence of the event.

    The offence that the person should be charged with is public mischief.