Shocking allegations in case of six dogs missing from Langley

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A sad and shocking development in the case of the six missing dogs in Langley.

According to Pet Searchers Canada, the dogs were never missing, they had died.

A website post indicating that just earlier today the dog walker admitted to covering up the story of what had really happened.

The single mother reportedly had the dogs in the back of her vehicle – as she claims she had done many times before – with the side vents open and water available for the dogs.

All six dogs apparently died of heatstroke.

The dog walker covered up the story in a panic saying they were stolen and are missing.

According to Pet Searchers Canada, she will be approaching Langley RCMP to give a full statement.


  1. Poor puppies… at least their people know where they are now.

    This is an extremely grim reminder NOT to leave your dogs in your cars people! They can actually die.

    And to this dog walker, thank you for admitting your lie, I think you will be hated by a lot of people for a very long time. But honesty is the best policy.

  2. This entire fiasco is a real stinker. Poor dogs, poor owners, and especially poor dumb single mother. Where was she? Doing what? Didn’t she know, dogs can’t roll down windows for air, open doors to go sit in the shade? Throw the book at her. She needs a lesson. Only thing on her side, is she fessed up, likely because she could not stand herself. What a shame?

    • Although I agree with you, we are still missing some answers. I hope to hear them soon.

      Unfortunately, because of the law and the situation, she technically cannot be charged with a lot besides mischief.