Graduation weekend tragedy in Prince George

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Graduation weekend tragedy in Prince George

The Mayor of Prince George says the community is shaken by this weekend’s tragedy.

Shari Green says two young people found dead in a car submerged at a lake party celebrating their graduation is devastating, and she says we hear about these stories all too often this time of year.

She says the RCMP had officers in the area doing road checks prior to the event.

She says, “They felt that things were under control the kids were behaving well, they were having fun and everything was fine and everything is fine until something happens and then you question.”

But Green says, at this time, there are no plans to make significant changes to celebrations already planned for D-P Todd Secondary where the two students went, or at other schools.

Friends are identifying the Prince George drowning victims on social media as Kendall Moore and Craig Wood.

Kendall’s Facebook page indicates she was in this year’s graduating class at DP Todd Secondary.

Friends write she was a gorgeous girl with a very sweet heart who always brought a smile to people’s faces.

Craig is described as a kind and dependable friend who was always happy.

Meanwhile, a Metro Vancouver psychotherapist, who specializes in drinking issues, says the way to prevent teen alcohol related deaths is for parents to have a zero tolerance policy toward drinking.

Michael Pond says unfortunately, many parents see it as inevitable and provide the booze.

He says, “Ah they’re going to do it anyway, at least we’re here watching them and supervising them. You know we need to tell our kids about the dangers of binge drinking of alcohol poisoning and passing out and aspirating on your own vomit.”

Pond says studies show teens who know their parents disaprove of substance abuse are less likely to use, so parents must be clear and adamant.


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  1. When I read these types of stories I grimace for 2 reasons. first, obviously, it’s heart-wrenching to hear of 2 more young lives taken too soon, in such a preventable and unnecessary manner, essentially condoned by the community and schools because they plan to basically carry on as usual. The other aspect is I immediately ask myself what on Earth the Mayor of the city of PG has to do with any of this. We don’t need her to tell us about the accident or anything further, other than what she is doing, or planning to implement, to make things better. It’s totally disgusting for politicians to insert themselves into the story as if they are somehow leading anything or representing the “right” side of an issue – when they’re adding nothing more than the usual expected, predictable empty words and platitudes.